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laptop usb cooling fan

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laptop usb cooling fan Customers Reviews

  • Nice product!

    posted by BREngineer

    - Silent fan! You can barely hear it when its on.- Aluminum grid!- The bottom part of the fan is closed as well, so you can put it on your lap without any worries!- The USB connector has an extension, so you can still use the usb that is powering the device.- Has a holder for the usb cable when you're not using it.
    It's a nice product overall, and I am satisfied with mine, even though it came with a broken corner. The fan is silent and it does cool my laptop a bit, and now I have a nice base to put my laptop on while lying on the bed. The metal grid is nicely locked into place, and none of the parts (metal or plastic) touch the fan, so it can really spin freely.
    Nice thing for the buck, I would definetely buy another one if needed. =D
  • Perfect for using in the office

    posted by fmilhardo

    Really good fan for a low cost. The flexible neck is long enough for a good ajustment and the fan helices have a good quality material. It's really easy to use.
    The product could exist in other colors. People would like it.
    If you work in an office and the air conditioning can't be trusted, this product can cool out the things a little bit. I'm definetely satisfied. Would buy it again!!
  • Not as powerful as i had hoped

    posted by NHJ5700

    Lifts your PC off the table which in itself gives you way better airflow then what you would have gotten otherwise, one of the fans has also popped out once or twice but you can pop that right back in which is great. The swivel sides is built in somewhat soft plastic which makes it really durable.
    The Swivel sides should have been metal as the inner piece where the air comes out of.
    Great product for it's price, but if i need one again, i'm getting one with bigger fans.
  • Completely silent 200mm BIG fan

    posted by fran82

    This cooling pad has a HUGE 200x200x20mm fan, veeeeeeery silent, almost impossible to hear. In fact I can not lisen it when it is working except if I approach my ear to about 5 cm from it.The "no obstruction" desing for the botton part means that no metal or plastic parts will obstruct the air flow to the fan, thus giving more air flow and less noise.It has 4 rubber feets, the frontal ones are less tall than the back ones, meaning that when you put your laptop on it, it will be "rised" with some "degrees" (I mean, the laptop will not get "flat"). This desing allows better typing with the laptop keyboard.It produces 72cfm at 650rpm and only produces 19db of noise drawing 1.5Watts of power.
    It draws 300mA from a USB 5v supply.It includes user manual.The big central fan desing is perfect for laptops that have the air intakes in the center area. Not very good for laptops that have the air intake/s located in the corners.My laptop is the one that has the air intake in the corners, so I have not noticed a significant drop in the temperatures. It is cooler now, but not much.The fan is 200x200x20mm.The pad size is 323x300x22mm.It produces 72cfm at 650rpm and only produces 19db of noise drawing 1.5Watts of power.It weights 500 grams.
    Insane 200mm fan that produces almost no noise at all when it is working. It will make best results on laptops that have the air intake in the middle.Recommended product
  • Worth it

    posted by eisenhauerjason

    Solid construction. The aluminum, even after being under a laptop, and even turned off always feel cool. It disperses the heat with ease.
    I know from past work experience and personal (our last laptop's hard drive died) that if you don't keep your laptop OFF YOUR LAP and keep air flowing underneath it you will eventually fry your drive. It's a small investment to keep your system running smooth.
    Worth the price given the quality aluminum even if one of the fans wasn't working. Even with one my temp stays stable.

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