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You'll find the best laptop power adapter for you here. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. laptop adapter power cable and universal power adapter are the hottest keywords that customer use. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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laptop power adapter Customers Reviews

  • excellent price for its features

    posted by xxxyyy

    Excellent price for what it offers.
    Works fine as replacement for my Lenovo 20V 90W adapter. (additional plugin needed). Bulky but light.
    12V car input - haven't tested it yet.
    It seems that one can select the voltage only when is initially plugged to the power source. After that it remain fixed. Good feature, that prevents you from accidental change of the voltage.
    Excellent price for what you get.
  • Works perfectly! Great price !

    posted by GILMAGNUM

    very cheep comparing original Dell item and it does the same work just perfect !bought it after the original one was dead..match perfectly to my Dell studio XPS 13.
    deffenetly worth the price ! could not ask for more in this price....
    Better then to buy this one then the original one... that's for sure!
  • Very good Genuine Acer Laptop Power Supply Adapter (5.5 x 2.5) 19V-3.42A

    posted by Georgesi

    Same technical details as original laptop adapter LITEON Technology corporation. 100% compatible.
    Very good bargains for 12 eur (new original is at least 40-50 eur) For now works perfectly, but we will see after some time.
    Again very quick delivery (only 17 days from purchase) For sure I will order some other items in Deal Extreme shop. Great value.
  • Working with some chargers, but not charging battery :( (for now)

    posted by DZIDZE75

    i try to find cheep solution half a year for my dell inspiron 1545 broken charger plug connector, but still i don't have luck :( i have this adapter about 3 weeks, try with 2 chargers, but nothing for now.. quality of the product is ok, nice material, price is great....
    Like i said, i have broken power adapter plug in on my original dell charger, work but not chagre the battery, i try with not original dell adapter from amazon (20 $) looks like my original, and working nice about 3 weeks, power and charge battery on my dell inspiron, but some day i see again this f*****g notification "Plugged in, Not charging" and that's it, not charge battery, work only on power ..... now i trying with this adapter, but until now i still cannot find power adapter who will charge my dell with this kind of power adapter....
    i don't have luck for now, but i don't quit, i will find another charger to try with this adapter, hp, toshiba, samsung or another........ i dont want to give dell 80-100$ for original adapter who will working 1, if you have luck to not broke - 2-3 years .... for the price, this is a good deal, i recommend this product for anyone, maybe you will have or find right adapter to charge battery on your dell laptop.... good luck for anyone :)~
  • Almost like original but shorter

    posted by evaldass

    Good enough quality, tip fits thinkpad properly. Had no problems at all.
    It makes convenient to prolong life of original power supply when tip is broken. It's easy enough if you're skilled to crack/open power supply, replace the cable, close and glue it. See google, youtube videos, there are lots of information available. I prefer to use original power supply than buy cheap fire hazardous replicas.
    Found DX cheapest place to buy this cable.


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