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laptop card Customers Reviews

  • It's a good product

    posted by adyckarock

    Ok, it's a cheap product, but it works, at least for me, cause i fix computers and makes easier my job.
    En español:
    - Es un producto barato pero funciona, al menos para mí.
    - Viene con manual en inglés fácil de comprender porque es inglés técnico.
    Buy this only if you need this product, 'cause is a professional tool.
    - En español
    Sólo compra este producto si realmente lo necesitas ya que es una herramienta de uso profesional.
  • Express Card Adapter for Laptop

    posted by r1c4rd0100

    - Works fine - Doesn't protrude from side of laptop - Installation very easy, just put the Express Card into the laptop to run the cd drives and was soon working
    As long as you've got the recent WHQL drivers, this should work fine on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows. I get a 90MB/s read speed from my Samsung S2 USB3.0 HD. I couldn't find any Mac or Linux drivers yet. The chip is a Fresco Logic FL1000 FWIW.
    If you're running Windows and need a USB3.0 card, this one will work well.
  • Cheap usb3 extension for laptops

    posted by javitron

    Very cheap usb3 extension for laptops,easy of use, CD with drivers included in the product.2 USB 3.0 ports, up to 5GpbsCompatible with all USB 2.0 products, valid to extend USB ports in your laptop.
    The laptop must have a express card slot to use this extension, it has 2 USB 3.0 ports, up to 5Gpbs.Tested on an ASUS F6 series,Tested on Windows 7 x64Using drivers in the CD (mini CD)Chipset NEC
    Very cheap to upgrade your old laptop, highly recommended to extend your laptop life!!
  • This will be a good product for extending USB ports in your laptop

    posted by thushan

    I used this adapter card with HP Pavilian dv2000 Laptop with Windows VISTA. It was required to install the driver software provided with product. But this was a simple process as same as installing any other driver software. I tested this card with USB 2.0 and USB 3 supported devices. I tested this adapter card with few USB flash drives, external hard disks and 3G dongle. All devices were successfully operated with USB ports available in adapter cards.
    When you remove USB devices from adapter card, special attention should be paid to do that without moving the adapter card as this may be caused to disconnect the USB adapter card from the laptop. Probably not securely !!!
    External hard disk which supports USB3 was connected with this adapter card (actually it worked without any external power source) and transferred few files from laptop to external device. I could observe better speed than default USB2 ports already available on the laptop.
  • Great item for your notebook!

    posted by TUISTERa

    Working like a charm... Tested with 3 different notebooks and five auto-diagnostic softwares that can work only with hardware rs232 port and not software like this... This one is fully compatible with all programmers on the market... The profilic USB-to-RS232 is absolutely useless if you have this! AND THE PRICE IS JUST GREAT!!!
    None. If you bought it then you know if you don't then you didn't bought it :)

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