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laptop battery replacement

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laptop battery replacement Customers Reviews

  • A decent replacement battery

    posted by Snaggo

    Build quality is good, not far from the original thing. Price is low. Works as a nice "handle" to the laptop.
    Gave me a steady 3½ hours of medium usage on Windows 8 on my T400 without proper Lenovo drivers. If I had the proper Lenovo software and could dim the display further and do other power-saving options I think 4-5 h would be totally possible with this battery. Remember to calibrate the battery!Instructions were included for this.
    All in all this seems like a useful product for a very nice price. Replaced my old dying 4400mAh battery with this and I'm happy I did.
  • Excellent product

    posted by 1qaz2wsx

    The ~20mm extra lift provided by this product should have been a part of the original design.. the internal (computer) circuitry is cooled with much greater efficiency. The battery life exceeded my expectations and is indeed the claimed mAh stated. (in fact slightly over - 7920mAh on test equipment)
    Excellent product at a very reasonable price. Totally impressed.
    Buy it. You won't regret it.
  • Experience with the battery in my laptop X50RL

    posted by bensou

    It took several months with her and serves as the first day, the duration of it are over 2 hours and was the same as the original lasted me.
    I was struck by the duration and life quality of the article. 100% recommended, it is not like that phone that batteries do not last 15 minutes.!
    It's better than I expected, is equal to that of my model, says it has more capacity but the length s the same as the original battery.
  • Best quality battery, original HP brand

    posted by Mike172

    This is an original HP-brand laptop battery with a very high capacity. It has also the same color as my standard battery that came with the laptop. It works well and fits perfectly. The costs are low considering that third-party batteries are not that much cheaper.
    No other thoughts.
    Bottomline is that this is very good value for the money and for this money I would certainly not buy a different (third party) battery.
  • Pretty good

    posted by Chem010

    I'm writing this review on my Compaq CQ60-300 laptop. It's been on for an hour now, powered by this battery. Windows 7 is reporting that there's 50% of battery power left after normal usage, internet browsing and playing some music. The screen brightness is at its highest setting. I would say this battery is pretty good. The original battery lasted about 2 hours as well.The battery looks exactly like the original one and it fits perfectly in my laptop.
    AIDA64 benchmark software reports it as a Li-Ion Hewlett Packard battery with a capacity of 47779 mWh at 11.1 volts this would mean the capacity is about 4300-4400 mAh, the same as the original battery
    I always use my laptop with the power cord, I only need the battery when I go from one wall socket to another. I didn't need a super battery, however this battery is almost as good as the original that came with my laptop (which has died completely in about 2,5 years)Good product for a good price.

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