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lan adapter Customers Reviews

  • Great Purchase!

    posted by JuelDK

    Very easy to use, just install the software, and then it is plug and play!At first i didn't see the disc, so I tried pluging it in, and it didn't work. But when I installed the software, there were no problems at all.I think it is great that it comes with USB 3.0. It is a little bit faster than the normal USB 2.0.
    I would recommend this to my friends, who haven't got any Ethernet port on their laptop.
    A very nice thing to have, if your laptop hasn't got any RJ45 port. Very easy to install, and then it is just plug the adapter in an USB port. Then you have internet!
  • Works fine on FreeBSD 9.1 (axe)

    posted by spill

    - Works fine on FreeBSD 9.1-RC2 - Uses standard axe driver on FreeBSD, no external software or external drivers required- Good throughput (managed to push 93.2Mbps) - No external power required- Supported on many operating systems- Flexible setup with the small USB plug and short cable
    ASIX AX88772 is well supported on most Operationg systems. Seehttp://www.dealextreme.com/customerphotos/quarantined/201110/34691-b57ab22e-c7bf-4271-b79e-5ac583905508.jpg for a nudie of the part
    Get one, always comes in handy!
  • Excellent Gigabit adapter

    posted by ReneSantos

    Avoid USB 2.0 bottleneck, reliable connection, flexibility to add new nics on existing system. Backward compatible with USB 2.0.
    I use it on my improvised dockstation connecting gigabit lan + sound card + video (sometimes) + mouse/keyboard wireless receiver on a single USB 3.0 hub connecting to my notebook. I store many large files on other PCs and connecting tru gigabit make feel like they are on local storage.
  • Amazing usb adapter

    posted by alltech

    With the Ralink utility, you can create a wireless network and/or hot-spot with this.
    Strong signal at least within 60 feet in radius.
    Work constantly, non-stop 24/7 tested for a week, no problem.
    Price is good.
    Build and look is not bad
    Nice and easy to use both in AP (access point) mode and in client mode with Ralink utility.
    Recommended for usefulness, good price. As I don't have a wireless router at my house, I connect this adapter to my lan pc and set it as an access point so that all my wireless gadgets can connect wirelessly. Now, all my wireless devices can go wifi. Hooray!!!
  • Fixed the dropouts from the onboard wif-fi MK809III

    posted by dougitte

    Fixed the dropouts from the onboard wif-fi from my MK809III. Solid construction.Standard USB.Came in a retail clamshell package.Worked on my standard windows PC. Just Plug and play!
    Arrived just on 10 working days to NZ. No complaints about my free freight.Yay Quad-Core and modern Android 4.2
    Awesome product, excellent value for moneyFixed my problems with DLNA playback.Cheap, but not junk. A rare find.Thanks again DX!

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