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lamp hook Customers Reviews

  • Very handy to have.

    posted by cyclist

    Great little light that can attach to lots of things and not just the saddle rails.Its pretty bright for the size.Very good that it uses CR2032 battery's and these last a lot longer than the smaller thinner ones the original light that this thing is a copy of uses.Doesn't weigh much.Seems very waterproof.
    Great light to just have clipped on the bike all the time for when it is needed.Good run time and good battery size.I can highly recommend this at the time of writing (before the manufacturers see that it is selling well and change it and make it cheaper to make and **** it up!).
  • Good lamp

    posted by follerbr

    Bright light, adequately lights up a room (perhaps not enough to comfortable read a book if it's on the ceiling). If you've ever seen an emergency lamp in action, it's like that.Can stand on its side and upright.Has a built-in hook that can be disabled (goes in and out of the body of the lamp) and also a slot for a screw head.Due to its size and light weight, can be comfortably held in hand while you walk around.
    Switch has three positions, the middle one being "off". The other two positions turns it on as long as it's not connected to a power source. There is no way to turn it on while connected to power. You can leave it on "on" and connected to a outlet all the time, but I'm not sure how this affects the battery. Speaking of which, I haven't tested the battery duration.
    Buy it if you need an emergency light and can't find anything at a better price. Good to have it in your car, garage, kitchen etc.
  • Very useful thing, a good buy for this price!

    posted by veris25

    Good price. Two ways to fix it where you want: by hook or by magnet on the back of body. Can work with normal or rechargeable batteries. Two modes you can choose by the same button.
    I like this lamp even because it is very useful to fix it near you to have your hands free. You can hang it using adjustable hook or you can fix it to any metal/steel surface by magnet on the back its body.
    It is a perfect lamp. One of them is always in my car (it helped me not once!). Another one I gave to my son, he also use it in his car.
  • Good enough

    posted by Markcar

    Product quality is very good, it works properly and it is very nice to be installed in a visible area our industry. Installatin is simple, you just need to have power near the installation place. I can´t check the battery yet, but as i read is good enough to maintain the light on about 8 hours of use.
    It´s a good product, but i need to wait 3-4 months to see if the battery is really good.
    I recomend it!
  • great little light

    posted by 080690

    Little and handy. Can fit anywhere and lights up a small room without any problems. The compass and the handle seems like it can take a beating. There is some cheaper models in here, which i bought one of, and the handle is ready to snap off. So this is a more solid build.
    It is a nice lamp for the price, but after bying another one as well of another brand, i feel it is a bit overpriced, but the materiel is more firm. The other lamp i bought is very sensitive.
    Good lamp, maybe a dollar or two overpriced, but it will do what you expect. light up.

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