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lamp holder Customers Reviews

  • Excellent for home use and office use

    posted by Rictos

    Absolutely easy to use, fast assemble and ready to use. The lamp holders came already programated to each button , the reach is enough to power on the light from outside the room where it is making it even more useful.The price is OK, the holders are made of hard plastic, gives a feeling that can embrance a few falls from the roof without a problem, bad luck for the lamps itselfs in that case. Since the holders work with a battery to actually turn on and off the power circuit that feeds the lamp, you don't have to worry about it raising your bills to the sky.
    For medium-to-small offices this one is perfect, also good for in-home use. I'm using it to power on the lights in my room so that i don't need to leave my desk to do that.
    Good stuff for small houses and offices. Must have for lazy ones or to those that can't afford to get up from the chair just to power on the lights.
  • a good thing for a basic bike lighting

    posted by dimetikon

    it is really cheap :) rigidity and strength is enough to hold a medium sized flashlight.
    this item also may be used to hold something else, in my case I used it on the seatpost (remember what I said about diameter?) to hold a little bag. Also, I tried to fix a bike pump with this holder.
    I am not disappointed with this item, however, do not expect much from a 2$ piece of plastic :)
  • GreatAnihilator

    posted by GreatAnihilator

    Good the sensor, 4-meter distance. Still, there is no relay inside. Inside the quality of soldering. Low energy consumption, device cold.
    The simple design allows you to use ??????????????? or sensor for other tasks (security, video surveillance)
    Well suited for lighting of a cellar, a corridor. The design can be easily disassembled and customizable to your needs.
  • Perfect lighting for aquarium

    posted by ademilde

    Product has perfect lighting for aquarium. Excellent lighting. Has two sets of LEDs ... with bluish light which leaves the aquarium with a beautiful bluish tint and the other with yellowish white light that leaves the aquarium very clear, it seems that water is even more crystalline.
    Product has good price and has a good set of LED. Easy to connect and operate.
    Highly recommend the product for use in aquariums. My aquarium was very pretty with this illumination.
  • Best solution for lighting

    posted by rofrederico

    Easy and simple to use, good quality, supports any kind of light bulbs, very good solution for continuous lighting for video or still photography. You can ajust the amount of light you need just by turn one side on/off, or just by choosing the right lamp.
    If your are looking to a very cost-effective product to set up a lighting kit, this is your best option. I've been shooting many videos with this equipment lately and have no complainings.
    Worth buying. Give it a try and you will not regret.

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