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lamp car yellow steering

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lamp car yellow steering Customers Reviews

  • Perfect but not for my car

    posted by Fangelieri

    The LEDs and structure is well done and the light is a little higher than the original 21W bulb (5 times better in Watts).The bulb light (when is applyed for signal) has some time to show full luminosity but for LEDs is right away. Great for signs.The connector fits perfectly.
    Great solution but you need to test in your car.I suggest you to take out one original bulb and turn on the signal light.If doen's change how fast its blinks, those LEDs are perfect for you,
  • Awsome

    posted by 215138

    I just bought these yellow lights because the signal lights in my car were broken. at least 2 of them. So i decided to buy these. Today i recieved them and i installed them in my car (BMW E46). They were easy to place and they look awsome! The leds are very bright and have a nice yellow/orange colour. They do look much better then original lights.
    If your looking for signal lights, these are the ones.
    P.S. These are P21W(BA15S) and they only fit in the rear signal lights. You need PY21W(BAU15S) for the front signal lights. At least this is how it is with my car.
  • Great one!!!

    posted by Skywalker81

    Bright!! Looks really good good. Chrome finishing make it looks so luxurious kind of looks. Price is a good bargain compare to those shop which might charge you 2 times higher. installed to my 2004 rx-8 and it totally change it looks on the tail lights.
    basically is a great product for those who wants to upgrade their turning signal to more luxurious looks.
    recommended for those who wanna change a new looks for their tail lights
  • Good product, can be used to replace turn signal light

    posted by Katonazoo

    Easy to use, no modifications requed to install, the color of the light exactly matches the color of facory turn signal light. The light emitted almost matches the "1156" 21W bulb's light, may not be so bright in the center, althrought more then enough to replace original bulbs.
    The leight of the bulb is bigger then the BA15S original bulb, in some vehicle it may not fit, but most of them have enough space to install.
  • Good replacement for T20

    posted by telman

    Fast response time to trigger voltage. Instant on/off as you would expect from LED technology. Bulb is fairly bright - I would say almost as bright as an incandescent bulb. Low power draw/consumption leads to longer alternator and battery life. Colour hue is slightly lighter than incandescent.
    Overall, it does as it is expected to. Would I buy it again? Not sure... the fact it's not as bright as incandescent causes me to re-think it, particularly at this price point.
    Good and usefull for the price. Reccomended.

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