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lamp bulb converter

Check out the great lamp bulb converter to see if there is any that suits you. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. white lamp bulb and car lamp bulbs are the hottest keywords that customer use. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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lamp bulb converter Customers Reviews

  • Good adapter, check size first

    posted by viciousgti

    This adapter is great for using a standard American sized bulb in a different holder. The construction is simple, and using the adapter requires screwing the adapter into the light socket, then the light bulb into the light bulb adapter. Then, you turn on your light, and it should work fine.
    Good adapter, when you have the right sized bulb for the bulb socket you are trying to use.
    A good purchase, just make sure you have the right size, and do not use a high wattage bulb in the adapter.
  • Totaly Awesome!

    posted by Kamel85

    Converts E14 socket to E27 socket, thats real nice since where I live the E14 bulbs costs more than the E27 ones, also E14 has low Watts now i can use E27 bulbs with slightly higher Watt in my E14 socket lamps.
    Make sure to follow guidelines on your lamps, if it says MAX 40W its for a reason, you dont want to start a fire or destroy cables/wiring (could be painfull and extremly expensive)
    If you need to convert E14 to E27 for any reason this is your tool, decent priced and good enough quality for the price! Safety first! dont use bulbs with higher Watt than recomended!
  • Light bulb adapter

    posted by Hans62

    If you ever needed a adapter for your light bulbs this is the one you got to have.Good Quality.normaly you cant use a big bulb in the small lamps with this you can.No fuss just screw it in(no pun intended;)) and there you go.
    Maybe you can buy more at once its cheap and its always handy to have a spare.
    Bottomline low price good quality item what more do you want?maybe it can be sold as a set 3 of a kind or so?
  • Easy to use converter for standard lamp housing

    posted by plenum

    Had many unused GU10 lamps for my store display but then the wire get burnt and not used anymore. With this easy to use converter, I can make use of them for picture lighting. I always feel halogen lamp is warm
    Use them for lamp with cups so that the adapter is covered inside the lamp cup. Or alternatively, use with recessed lamp
    Easy to use converter that fits into standard lamp housing
  • Best fit for India

    posted by whizkris

    It is an absolute necessity for anyone using a B22 (Bayonet type) plug holder. It fits in like a charm and does the work perfectly.
    I live in India, and I would suggest it to any Indian normal bulb holder as a converter. It isn’t quite available in India yet.

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