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lama helicopter Customers Reviews

  • very good deal blades

    posted by Sattrickske

    Very cheap.
    They are stronger than the original black ones, they don't break or chip off that easily.
    They are white and therefore far more visible than the black blades, this makes maneuverability easier as you can easily the extremity of the blades.
    Blades are good balanced, no adjustment is necessary.
    They are rather cheap.
    Package was very good protected during transport.
    Blades are a lot cheaper than the original ones, so can buy a lot of them. But since they do no tend to break easily, they will last longer.
    Shape of the blades is not identical to the original ESky blades, but their performance is almost identical. I've even got the impression that they generate less vibrations than the original ones.
    Very good deal, good price, good overall quality.
  • Using this Blade in "Candide Lighting" helicopter

    posted by softelli

    More long what "Candide Ligthing" Blade;More hard and resistant;Easy to adapt;More cheap what the original blade;
    By increasing the bore of the blades, take care not to make them much larger. It will also be necessary to compensate for the thickness at the site of attachment, because it is thinner than the original. I'll put pictures and videos of these blades in operation.
    It serves not only to model LAMA V3/V4, as advertised, but also to Candide or another DIY project that you need.
  • A great 1200mAh LiPO

    posted by falzuguir

    The battery came in the original Mistery packaging and very well accommodated.An excellent construction battery with a high 1200mAh 20C capacity, very usefull for RC Helis and other vehicles.
    I will try to adapt it on my Double Horse 9116.If it's not possible to use it on my DH, I will adapt on my transmitter.The first balanced charge has work very well with full power
    I recommend it without reservations
  • Upgrade your Chopter

    posted by PrinceXEvil

    This is made with high quality material. You need this tool if you want to tweak your Sky Lama V3 V4, I used it for mine. The Aluminium part is the best part about it. If you like tweaking and you bought that V3 or V4 chopper, you need this to tune it just for yourself.
    While using my chopper, I found these tools very handy. Since the chopper isnt the cheapest around but definately the best, these tools are a requirement.
    Tweak your chopper, get this tool.

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