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l298n driver Customers Reviews

  • cheapest L298N breakout board

    posted by joaopauloccajueiro

    Cheap.Works.Good build quality.The jumper for enabling onboard 5V generation is nice.Leds on the inputs are very useful for debugging.
    The 5V_EN jumper connects the 5V generated from the motor supply (VMS). If you let it open you must provide 5V to the board, either from the screw terminal or from the pin.CSA and CSB jumpers are for current sensing: the current on the motors pass through then.UR1 to UR4 are for setting pull-up resistors on the inputs. Can't see why.IN1,IN2 controls motor A.IN3,IN4 controls motor B.
    Thumbs up.
  • superb interface for microcontrolers

    posted by JanDeStrooper

    This interface has great capabilities. You're able to draw the power for your microcontroler directly from this interface board. With the L298N Dual-H bridge interface circuit board, you're able to control DC motors and reverse them with just one input signal. One L298 does contain the components to control 2 DC motors at an acceptable power rate of 1,5Amp without high power dissipation.Great asset to all kind of controling projects.I used it myself to control 2 electrical curtains with a 24VDC drive.
    As the mounting holes do fit the ATMega 32 prototype board, an easy construction can be made by using spacers of about 2,5cm.
    Great asset for those who want to use microcontroler control on DC power devices.As it contains 2 transistor bridges in one housing, the circuits can be reduced drastically in size.
  • Drives motors OK

    posted by pc00007

    The board isn't too big and is simple to use. The on/off button is useful and there is no problem driving motors.The construction looks ok with no obvious visual defects
    There are no schematics supplied with the board. I'm not sure what the LED problem might be without schematics as I can't see without dismantling the board.
    The board is cheap, looks ok, and mostly it works ok.

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