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knife yellow Customers Reviews

  • Very good

    posted by ninnys89

    These knives are absolutely perfect for everyday use. They cut soft vegetables and meat with precise accuracy and when you're done you can just throw them in the dishwasher without having to worrry about ruining them. They have fun and uplifting colors and they're easy to keep in the kitchen drawers because of the sheats. They also have a very comfortable grip, and the price is amazing.
    Would not use them on frozen meat and would be very careful bending the blades (as I would with any ceramic blade) as it may brake.
    These are definetly the best knives I've ever had and I highly recommend them - also as a gift.
  • good thing for this price

    posted by Zhelobovsky

    acceptable quality knives, comfortable handles, practical and good looking stand for knives, stand for fruit and paring knives conveniently rotated, Vegetable slicers use convenient, you can adjust the angle fit, knives well cut
    it would be prettier if the knife blades would be in color handles
    until the purchase is worth the money paid, if you operate accurately, the knives should last a long time
  • Nice tool

    posted by wern0r

    It's a very small tool, you can travel along with it. The usage is very easy, you can't hardly do anything wrong. Every time you sharpen the knife you will have the correct angle.The tool has a good built quality.
    I use it to sharpen kitchen knifes and folding knives. If the knife is not too used, you only have to use the ceramic sharpener.
    If yo're looking for an easy tool to sharpen your kitchen knifes, it's your deal! I lost my tool and bought the same again.
  • A very beautifull and usefull item!

    posted by Algerd1

    Good cutting properties and a sharpen blade, beautifull colour, a blade more sharpen than in staileness knifes.
    When I using this knife I very afraid to drop and brake it. A light weight. Sometimes it use pressure for cutting and so my slise not very thin.
    For this money a very good product! It is a good item for your kitchen, and with a good size for cooking.
  • Very good

    posted by ninnys89

    This is a really good looking ceramic knife that does its job. The sheath is a huge plus as it makes it possible to put the knife almost anywhere you'd like without the knife getting damaged. It is razorsharp and cuts to fresh meat, fruit and vegetables without any problem at all. Beats all my other knives. Dishwasher friendly and very cheap! It is also very easy to clean by hand and the handle is very comfortable to hold - and its construction protects you from cutting your fingers.
    Great addition to steel-knives as they have different use areas they're best suited for.
    Very, very good! Highly recommended!

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