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knife white Customers Reviews

  • 4" Ceramic Knife

    posted by Ascana

    Easy, refined, conveniently lies in a hand, easily washes. Tried to make the forbidden (cross) motions at cutting of products - doesn't break yet, it is not slivered, doesn't crumble. The majority of products easily cuts. My finger too :-(.
    As a whole with purchase it is happy. To find now for them a sharpener, can will start to cut better.
  • Fits well

    posted by rikkabr

    Lovely kit, smart, compact , well shaped, with a smooth blade cuts and really lightweight it is great for semi-pros and extended tasks.Also these blades are really sharp!
    Knifes are in perfect shape but but my holder came broken down... Please review the knifes holder internal package
    Good product for the price.It is beautiful, well made, heavily recommended
  • looks like toy, works like real knife

    posted by cakir777

    first of all, ceramic knife is healthy, not leaving any taste or smell on food. pink colour of it and white colour of ceramic making it looks like a toy more than a scary knife but it is very affective while cutting even more than steel knives.you can use it in kitchen work in same time you can carry it with you. good advantage when compared with other ceramic kitchen knives.
    i think with the appearance of it, it is very suitable for girls. i bought it for my girlfriend and she loved it.
    this product is cool. great gift for women who likes sharp stuffs :)
  • Very good knife

    posted by marcoveiga

    These knives have numerous advantages of other types of knives like stainless steel. Some of these advantages include hardness, weight, durability, and the ability to resist stains.
    Although ceramic knives are much harder than steel, they do not have superior strength. These knives are very rigid and inflexible. This means that you have to be very careful when you're using or storing them. The edge of ceramic knives will chip if you use them roughly
    Ceramic knives are also chemically inert. Being chemically inert means that these knives won't give your food a metallic smell or taste like steel knives will. They also will never brown your foods like steel knives can. The surface of ceramic knives will also resist germs, so they are great for people who suffer from certain allergies.
  • Very usefull and perfect to protect your hands.

    posted by LostDude

    Very usefull, when you look at the gloves, you think it will not work, but when you look inside the gloves, you can see the metal that protect you. I tried to cut the gloves with everything i had, ceramic knife, scissors and metal knife, and none of them passed throught the gloves, but they made a little scratch on it.
    i don't know if it is going to last "forever", cause of the scratchs it gets every time the cutting material get in contact with the glove.
    Well, its very usefull for people that can't have their body cutted. Using it with the normal attention you have, you will never have problems.

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