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knife steel Customers Reviews

  • Impressive

    posted by Subintro

    Solid build, doesn't feel flimsy at allNice and slim, can fit in any pocket or even on a key chainNice and sharp out of the package, although I like to sharpen my blades anywayKeeps its sharpness
    Would come in very useful and fit any needs which requires a blade
    I would recommend this knife to anyone who would needs a useful tool that can be carried anywhere and be used for literally anything which requires a sharp tool.
  • Straight Razor Review

    posted by Steiner1000

    It has a nice feel to it and is balanced so that if you put your finger on the rivet closest to the blade the razor will balance. It has reasonable wood scales but not great.
    DO NOT TRY AND SHAVE WITH THIS OUT OF THE BOX. It needs to be honed and stropped. If you don't know what I am saying don't buy this you will just hurt yourself!
    Buy this only if you know how to hone a blade with 6000 to 10000 wetstone, and then have a leather and canvas strop to dress it with. Too dull for Todd Sweeney.
  • sharp knife

    posted by hunteer25

    Great knife. Well made, strong and have good weight - good enough for all purposes. Really good looking one, the logo is made of metal, everything looks to be made of metal, so strong and durable. Very sharp and easy to fold/unfold. I'm very impressed with this knife, i'm gonna use for some outdoor activity and looks it will serve for this purpose.
    Overall, it a great experience.
    You get more than what you pay for, out of the package this knife has been a constant surprise at how well made and useful it has been for the price. Locally purchased knives for the same price or even triple in cost would not have stood up to this knife.
  • very useful!

    posted by carlavc

    very good Material, is all Stainless steelIt is Used for prying highly compressed Pu-erh Tuocha cake, really easy, really efficient, really quick.... without harm the leaves of tea.The price is really competitive, so don't loose the opportunity to buy this item.
    One tip I can give you, as I leaned in YOUTUBE, don't use it perpendicular to the cake use it horizontally so in this way you will prevent harm to the leaf and you will see the leaf tea expanding in hot water.
    really good!! if you like tea and pu-erh I really recommend this knofe, it will be very useful.
  • It's a Fairy Knife!

    posted by gothicspiderman

    Quite sharp, good for cutting things for fun, like slicing through plastic bottles or aluminum cans, or minor landscaping of your lawn! Blade was initially quite sharp, but due to previously mentioned landscaping is not as sharp as it used to be.
    I bought this for my little brother, who calls it his "fairy knife" and likens it to the Great Fair Sword from the Legend of Zelda games.
    Verrry pretty knife, definitely not something you'd want to carry if you don't want to attract attention to yourself.

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