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knife steel blade

These cool knife steel blade are high quality and at affordable prices. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

knife steel blade Customers Reviews

  • you should have this with your keys

    posted by boomerangfreak

    looks like a house key from a distant completely blends in with other keysvery well madedecent blade length nice polished look the blade fits snugly
    it may be possible to hide the blade more but that will most likely result in a very bad flimsy blade
    if u are looking for a little knife for on your'e keys this is it it has the best combinations of looks and quality (as far as I know)and it is a lot safer to carry than sku.46025
  • Good for the price

    posted by wcability109

    Very cheap price, good quality for the price. Blade is extremely sharp. It is easily concealed and a very good deal. Good value. Looks great also.
    I would buy it again. It's good for the price.
    Good product overall, quality isn't the best but it's to be expected, very good product for the price. Would recommend buy.
  • Genuine quality

    posted by Leowaldner

    It's working flawless, I use it everyday at work. Haven't had any problems with it. i've used it for 3 months now.The blades are very sharp and easy to change.The folding function is working good and is easy to use.
    The folding function is working good and it looks cool as well.
    A very good knife for a good price! I recommends it.I've used it for 3 months now and i haven't had any problems with the knife yet. I'm very happy with the knife and the blades that comes with it.
  • A tiny bit smaller than expected, but that made it even better.

    posted by Daazor53

    Amazing quality, even though the side screw goes a bit loose after a few days, it can easily be fixed with a small screwdriver.It's fully made of metal, has an excellent grip, small size, perfect for carrying. The clip is really hard and excellent quality as well, it won't easily get loose.Perfectly sharpened blade.
    Nothing else to say, the price is really low for such a high quality pocket knife.
    A must have, tiny, handy and durable.
  • Handy little knife

    posted by georgewren

    Sharp straght from the box and it is very useful, not big and not too small so still big enough to get a good grip. The blade is legal to carry in the UK so it is a good tool to have on your key ring.
    The stiffness of the knife will properly wear off after some use, also the shipping came under 3 weeks to the UK.
    A nice little knife to have attached to a set of keys for daily use, defiantly worth getting for the price!

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