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knife stainless fold Customers Reviews

  • Straight Razor Review

    posted by Steiner1000

    It has a nice feel to it and is balanced so that if you put your finger on the rivet closest to the blade the razor will balance. It has reasonable wood scales but not great.
    DO NOT TRY AND SHAVE WITH THIS OUT OF THE BOX. It needs to be honed and stropped. If you don't know what I am saying don't buy this you will just hurt yourself!
    Buy this only if you know how to hone a blade with 6000 to 10000 wetstone, and then have a leather and canvas strop to dress it with. Too dull for Todd Sweeney.
  • It's different

    posted by THUNOR1985

    A different wine bottle opener which looks like a bird.
    It's made with strong materials so I think it won't break easily. The knife is sharp enough to fulfill its function.
    Es un abridor muy original, con forma de pajaro.
    Los materiales son resistentes, por lo que no creo que se rompa facilmente. El cuchillo esta lo suficientemente afilado como para poder cumplir con su funcion.
    This is one of these items that should be in any house. It could be a good gift too.
    Es una de esas cosas que deberiamos tener siempre en casa. Tambien puede ser un buen regalo.
    It's not a bad buy.
    No esta mal. Compradlo :)
  • A handy little knife

    posted by dann1366

    It's a super sharp little thing, that i find very useful for a wide range of uses, and maybe the best thing about it is that it's perfectly legal to wield in public (In Denmark, which has a very strict knife/weapon regulatory. Due to the blades shape, the point is very efficient to open all kind of sealing's with.
    For me, the blade demands both hands to open... but in Denmark that is a demand for the knife to be legal. It's design is quite nice, because of the way the wood and the black plastic looks together on the sides, of the knife.
    All in all, it's one of the best knifes i have ever seen to the price. The size is good, and the quality is, at the least, amazing...
  • overall its a goog knife

    posted by jp26slb

    cool graphics and it come really sharp. its a very solid knife doesnt feel like a cheap knife. its very discrete inside the pocket. as a every day use or a self protective measure its perfect.
    if it was cheaper i would but it over and over again so i could give them as gifts to some family members and friends.
    very good knife but should be cheaper its worth buying since its small and discrete, its perfect for every day use if toy dont mind scratch the graphics .
  • Not quite the same, but still good

    posted by zeh89

    All tools works, some of them very good other not that good, but still works.
    Did serveral small jobs with success.
    If I was buying it to give as a gift I would probably go for a little expansivie one, with better finish and build quality.
    It can be used to open computer screws, although it could be a little bigger to open this kind of screws easily.
    If you want a small and lightweight tool to carry around in your pocket / backpack go for it. But remember, you're buying a cheap tool, don't expect high quality.


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