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  • Good and portable

    posted by AndreGlock

    Very lightweight.
    Very sharp, and the sharpness last for long time.
    Can be carried easily since the sheath protects it.
    The blade is white, so it is different than any other metal knife.
    Very good to carry to the University's Restaurant where the knifes don't cut well and the meat is very hard.
    I still don't tried yet, but I think you can get inside the bank with it since there are no metal in the stuff.
    You will need a ceramic sharpening to sharp it.
    Can be used to cut the neck of animals in religious slaughtering.
    Good, lightweight, cheap, portable and sharp.
  • Nice and good knife

    posted by ki1ohke

    It has a ceramic blade and looks really stylish. The finish is good and most important (according to girlfriend) it looks really good...When cutting with it it works just as good as any other metal counterpart that holds a good edge.The handle is made out of rubber and is not completly round as some other ceramic knives on DX. So, if you put it beside the popular three-knife-sets sold here you can see that the do not match.
    Nothing to think about, looks good and works well.
    Buy and try!
  • Very good

    posted by ninnys89

    This is a really good looking ceramic knife that does its job. The sheath is a huge plus as it makes it possible to put the knife almost anywhere you'd like without the knife getting damaged. It is razorsharp and cuts to fresh meat, fruit and vegetables without any problem at all. Beats all my other knives. Dishwasher friendly and very cheap! It is also very easy to clean by hand and the handle is very comfortable to hold - and its construction protects you from cutting your fingers.
    Great addition to steel-knives as they have different use areas they're best suited for.
    Very, very good! Highly recommended!
  • Amazing ceramic knife

    posted by wikolii

    This is a great deal.The knife is very light and sharp as hell.Almost too comfortable on one's hand, can cut through tomato skin like no other (if you know what i mean)
    Never use these on a hard surface as stone, ceramic plates or anything hard.Use only on plastic, wood or other smooth surfaces.
    Buy it, it's a GREAT deal.This was my first ceramic knife.I'm buying a larger one now.
  • Heavy duty knife

    posted by StupendousMan

    Very solid knife, made out of 5mm thick steel!Serrated edge on the blade's back, where it doesn't get in the way.Smaller than the average survival knife, with a slim cord wrapped handle and a pretty low profile sheath make this easy to carry in comparison to most fixed blade knives.Machined slot for index finger and grip ridges for thumb at the base of the blade make precise cutting easier.
    Need a simple knife that will never fail? This is it.

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