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knife pliers Customers Reviews

  • A good deal

    posted by Rafaeldiver

    It is a light and very useful tool's set. The knife is well sharpened and easy to fold and unfold.
    It worthed what I've paid. I intend to use it as a emergence tool. Whether you are hiking, camping or expedition, adventure, this can provide necessary help for you, let you easily finish all kinds of outdoor work.
    It was a good deal. I like buying in dx.com, because a the stuff always arrive. I hope this keep lasting.
  • Good thing, but easily could be better.

    posted by efialt

    It's cheap. I't small. It has no corners to zap the pocket. It contains the most popular tools.
    The pilers hands look not very reliable. We'll see anyway.
    Well, I got what I wanted for this price. Well, I'd prefer it made of space steel and with diamonds over about, but it is of fair quality for fair price.
  • just amazing

    posted by mayonnaise

    everything about it, size, build quality, price, functionality....
    -carrying case has loop behind so you can attach it to belt, while folded it is so small but when you unfold it it sits in hand just nice, it is builded sturdy and i already dropped it from height few times, nothing happened.
    -it has knife, some grinders (i dont really what are these for) screwdriver, bottle opener, and little saw. knife and saw are very usefull
    -i am not ffraid to press hard on it because it feels very well build
    just amazing little multitool with pliers, everything is just fine im so glad i bought this one
    just great
  • Worth the money

    posted by viperxp

    Nice size - not too big and not tiny. You can actually use them to do some work when on the go.
    For the price you better have one. Many times you need pliers or scissirs but have to look,ask someone for it. Just buy the product - it's small,cheap and you are independent with it. Everyone that has some basic handyman skills need at least some tool like this one.
    Nice product, not LEATHERMAN or GERBER quality but for the price its very very nice.
  • Good as a suplemetary multitool

    posted by RavenP

    All of the tools lock in place when fully open or closed.
    D-ring allows hanging on knapsack or belt loop
    Knife has an extra lock when it's open which needs to be pushed out of the way so the knife can close
    Scissors are larger than usual for this type of tool, and have a sturdier spring
    Pliers spring open when deployed, and are therefore less likely to get stuck while cutting something thick.
    The light on each end allows you to see your work in the dark.
    Since most people use a multitool primarily for screwdrivers, this may be a bad choice. However, for someone who needs pliers, scissors and a knife this is a good tool for a decent price. The d-ring is not a perfect substitute for a carrying case, may be worthwhile to get one of those as well.
    Don't get it for the screwdrivers.

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