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  • Straight Razor Review

    posted by Steiner1000

    It has a nice feel to it and is balanced so that if you put your finger on the rivet closest to the blade the razor will balance. It has reasonable wood scales but not great.
    DO NOT TRY AND SHAVE WITH THIS OUT OF THE BOX. It needs to be honed and stropped. If you don't know what I am saying don't buy this you will just hurt yourself!
    Buy this only if you know how to hone a blade with 6000 to 10000 wetstone, and then have a leather and canvas strop to dress it with. Too dull for Todd Sweeney.
  • Great vintage blade

    posted by lucamafra

    Good edge (though you need a leather strap to sharp before every shave). Nice build. The weight feels good in the hand, and the design of the folding razor is awesome.
    If I'm not mistaken (as other reviewer has pointed) this is a replica os the one used in the movie Sweeney Todd. Also, the blade is quite big.
    Nice feeling, quite manly and of good build and edge. Very nice purchase.
  • Nice Knife

    posted by LamKaYau

    Cheap, sharp and slightly heavier than other long knives. I use it to dice up vegetables and cut meat, and I am very impressed. Being slightly heavier has the advantage of not needing a lot of force while cutting. The handle has a small area of anti-slip feature next to the blade which has a semi-circle cut-out to accomodate the index finger to improve the grip. Overall I find the handling of this knife very good.
    The handling of this knife is superb
    Buy it to add your collection of ceramic knives. I already have 3, one 4-inch, one 6-inch and this. Each has its own function. I like to use this one to dice up vegetables, very handy.
  • great

    posted by martintog

    this knife is a ceramic, with all the pros that correspond for such a knife.It's wooden handle is of good quality, with varnish on it, which can be a con... very easy to use, light but heavy enough to cut and slice as if you were carrying a laser saber.
    a good product
    maybe a bit expensive considering the 6" black or white knives at 11$ but much more beautiful in your kitchen.
  • Such knife is necessary in each kitchen!

    posted by yakovmp

    Fine quality of a product. Very convenient handle. The material of the handle is pleasant to the touch. The knife is perfectly balanced and very conveniently sits in a hand. Excellent sharpening of a cutting edge.
    Such knife is necessary in each kitchen!

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