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knife ceramic chic ceramic

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knife ceramic chic ceramic Customers Reviews

  • Perfect!

    posted by sheepishW

    This knife is very Sharp, light weight and good looking.
    the weight distribution is very even.
    Very very easy to clean.
    A great knife for a great price! As a sushi man i am very pleased with this product infact i have ordered many more to use at my restaurant. As a professional i completely recomend it for home and professional use.this item could also easily be bought as a gift due to its usefulness and good looks.
  • Very good value for this price! – KBY-JB5 5" Chic Chefs Ceramic Knife

    posted by heparin

    Very good build quality - mirrored blade (looks very stylish) easy to clean, rounded sharp angles, big anti-slip handle provides very good grip, it's really sharp. Honest price for great product quality.
    You need to be careful using ceramic knife, so if you don't - may get damaged cutting edge or even broke the blade. You need to place it in safe place like knife holder if you want to have it sharp longer. But it's depending of users habit. :)
    Very nice knife for money.
  • My favorite one for apple peeling.

    posted by puki57

    Very nice, with perfect grip and handle, dangerously sharp. However, with long experience, I cut myself only few times a year (I am joking, but my first contact with ceramic knife was really painful, I cut my finger, my wife did so).
    Real quality will show in a year or two of using. I have sharpened some of my knifes because the edge was damaged, women and children do not take good care. I had to go to an expert who has diamond grinding wheel. Sharpness and beauty restored completely.
    I like it very much. My friends too, more orders will follow.
  • Excellent Knife

    posted by gianmario62

    Good knife.
    Very sharp and handful.
    It doesn't loose it sharpness during usage. Excellent to cut bread, sausages, vegetables without altering their flavor.
    Very easy to clean, just put it under water and dry it.
    The color is attactive and modern, all my friends like it !
    The handle feel good in your hand, and seems to be very robust.
    Cut is very easy with this knife. Ceramic is a good material.
    Excellent Knife.
    I definitevely reccomend it
    I'll buy some others for christmas.
    All my friend wants one of this knife.
  • Good and portable

    posted by AndreGlock

    Very lightweight.
    Very sharp, and the sharpness last for long time.
    Can be carried easily since the sheath protects it.
    The blade is white, so it is different than any other metal knife.
    Very good to carry to the University's Restaurant where the knifes don't cut well and the meat is very hard.
    I still don't tried yet, but I think you can get inside the bank with it since there are no metal in the stuff.
    You will need a ceramic sharpening to sharp it.
    Can be used to cut the neck of animals in religious slaughtering.
    Good, lightweight, cheap, portable and sharp.

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