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knee pads Customers Reviews

  • Acceptable Motorcycle Knee Pad Guard

    posted by geofisica

    Made of resistant plastic, comfortable, well-padded, movement system well adapted to the anatomy of the body, it does not hurt. System tab the ends of the elastic straps that attach the board firmly protective, hindering his release. Protect very well against the wind, giving a thermal comfort in the legs of the user.
    Good buy if you have an anatomy and fine if the bike is track who has your paint scratched.
    Cost benefit very good, especially for Brazilians, where an outfit like that costs a lot more than that. Pointing out to the fact that when used outside of the pants will irreparably scratch the paint of the tank, if it is not taken protective measures at the contact point of the tank with the hinge knee.
  • Keeps you safe

    posted by TexTCR

    - Hard plastic shell provides reliable protection to your knees and elbows. - Soft polymer pad makes it very comfortable and damps hits from falls, etc. - Adjustable elastic straps - one size fits all. - Sheathing is of durable nylon. - They don't go awry.
    - Marked as U.S. Army =D - Make sure to check SKU: 90324 out - those are more comfortable.
    - Protective pads as they are. Simple, comfortable and safe.
  • awesome protection

    posted by fliborio10

    thin, light, modern, and chock absorbing, is different of any knee protector and you will look like a pro.Doesn't interrupt the movement and work very well.Good deed!
    ok to longboard and street style, worth!
    If you gonna try some new tricks use your old one protection, if you wanna ride smooth and still be protected this is your choice.
  • Very good product

    posted by jerkys

    Perfect quality materials used. Inside it has a respiratory extra layer. It can be adjusted with velcro (3 different bands) and you can adjust the tightness. The material is flexible and even if you tighten too much it allows the joint movement.
    Hikers can carry it in a bag while ascending and wear it during the descent when the knee gets stressed more.
    Highly recommended i haven't seen anything so good at even double the price.
  • Good product for the price

    posted by saito101

    - Easy to use: very easy, has a velcro strap to ajust size and a clamp to lock it in position.- Has a low profile: very low, it's the size of my knee.- Price: quite cheap if you ask me. And is free shipping.
    It's a good product for the price, has a low profile (which is great) and it will do the job of protecting your elbows and knees. I use this for airsoft, but it seems that will fit just fine for skating/biking, etc.
    Nice product, very cheap and is free shipping. I'm using and I like it.

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