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This is our best kitchen knives, they all share a great design and great prices. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.

kitchen knives Customers Reviews

  • Excellent kitchen kit

    posted by Soyyeta

    This kitchen set is very good, the blades are extremely sharp, so be carefull. The color of the knife blade is completely white which is nice and contrasting with the black handle It is a totally plus that the knives contains the plastic protectors, try not to cut yourself. Also, it's good that you have a big knife, and a small one,.
    I compared these knives with one I have at home (good quality), there are very little diferences, the sharpness is the same.
    I really like this kitchen kit, and I use it a lot. I will definetely buy another one for mi girlfriend.
  • Awsome! Buy it if you need a good knife!

    posted by LostDude

    Very nice product, works perfectly, cuts everything you want, even a glass plate. The material is made of good quality. The design is perfect to hold strongly the knife and cut every hard thing.
    Very nice product, worth every dollar you spent. Just missed the knife holder to put it in.
    Buy it if you want to make the cutting service easier. Perfect to make barbecue, and slice some hard meat.
  • Good knives set with modern looking holder

    posted by Tsolias

    Good quality knives, comfortable handles.Various sizes so you are able to use them for fine cutting (small vegetable - small knife), for medium sized fruits (apples or oranges - medium knife) and a big knife for boneless meat (chicken or turkey breast).The design of the holder is very sleek and nice, looks good in a modern kitchen but may be too flashy for a classic kitchen design.
    Remove the letters from the knives for a cleaner look!
    Normal price for whole set, usually one good knife will be around 10~12$ so 59$ for three knives and a holder is fair enough.Looks nice on the kitchen table and are used often because they are always available unlike knives stored in a box inside a cupboard.
  • Good product for this price

    posted by VitalyNam

    Easy to fix it. Easy to use it-- several friction will be enough.price could be lower, but material seems to be strong,so I don't think, that its cons.
    at first smels bad,but every plastik item from dx smels like this, so maybe it OK.It can fixed, if you wash it with some fruit juce(in my case it was lemon)-- only plastic case, NOT metall parts.
    I'll recommend it for my friends.
  • The greatest knives I had saw in life.

    posted by Rafacamacho

    Wonderfull product!!! I have never seen a cut like tehm make. For barbecuing is great! To cut meat, vegetables or any types of food they cut pretty well. They surprised me a lot! They worth every cent. The package they came is good and safe. The quality is great. They seems that can brake, but not so easy.
    It surprised me and I would buy more. Cut food again will never be the same.
    The product is really good.

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