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kit xbox Customers Reviews

  • Good if you figure it out

    posted by Olena

    Cool Blue Led lights, at the usb part where you plug it into your pc, and inside the xbox hard drive green connector.Comes with small dvd with all the software and drivers you need.
    would be better if it came with installation instructions.
    this cable is really handy if you want to upgrade your hard drive, but with the new xbox update, you dont really need it, since you can now connect your usb flash drives and copy and edit files that way.i bought a second hand 120gb hard drive (person i bought from paid for the 250 gb)and they did not provide the cable so i bought this one.
  • love it

    posted by gostskull

    this product works with slim controllers, does not fit regular controllers that well but still do none the less6-8 hours of play time(replacement batt only4) vs energizer @17.99 + charger for 12 hours of play time. id say it works out to be a better value if you stock up with 6 battery packs per 4 contollers
    buy with extra batt
    get it its worth it
  • Nice replacement for a worn out/damaged controller casing

    posted by Smapsa

    Undamaged, solid color, all the buttons and replacement plastic parts, pink joysticks and D-pad, only non-pink parts are the ABXY buttons and the guide button. Nice replacement for a damaged/worn out controller casing for your Xbox 360 wireless controller. The battery casing fits perfectly, tight fit.
    I got white, blue and pink casings and mixed them together. Not sure if it was because of that that I had to use Dremel to carve some of the buttons. In detail what I did: the D-pad inner part I had to carve the inner side of the large circle to fit it better and also the square with rounded corners had to be modified, ABXY/start/select buttons some of the little nibs coming out of them had to be carved, and lastly I did some grinding for the sync button to make its diameter smaller. The sync button also has to be glued so that it will work correctly.
    If you're not afraid to do some little modifications for some of the parts, this is for you. Otherwise think carefully, because some of the parts might be too tight to fit without some grinding and carving. All in all, I'm a very pleased customer and very pleased about getting the right colored plastic parts like in the pictures. REAL pink plastic, not a cheap painted white controller, so if you're looking for quality, get it.
  • Great for backups

    posted by MaxFox

    A very good product if you want to make file backup Xbox 360 or open your file on your computer. "Remembering that nessessário is a special program for that." He is well built and fits perfectly on HD Xbox 360.
    The product is very easy to use. You will not have any problem with handling. I already have it more than 3 years and recommend.
    I already have it more than 3 years and recommend.
  • Perfectly shipped item

    posted by razor16190

    Decent quality goods. The case was sturdily built, suitable housing replacement. The colour is evenly distributed, does not look like a cheap replacement.Fits the Wireless Xbox 360 controller very well. Package carefully packed.
    Recommended item for replacement or for anyone who wishes to modify their controller. Parts received: 1 x Surface cover 1 x Bottom cover 1 x Before the bottom border 1 x Rocker caps 2 x The arrow buttons 4 x Function buttons 1 x L button 1 x R button 1 x Sensitive button 1 x Induction key frame 2 x Tubes 1 x Connect small button 1 x Back key 1 x Start buttonThe package arrived safely, with no damage in the exterior nor inside the packaging.
    Satisfied with the price to quality ratio. Still worth buying even though a part is missing.

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