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kit board Customers Reviews

  • Great IR contro

    posted by Hakkinator

    Works great. Sensitivity at 3m perfect, at 5m ok. On osciloscope signal clear enaugh. Worked with standart Arduino IR library righ out of box
    Great IR remote for DIY projects. Will use it for line following robot for starting and for my DIY vacumcleaning robot.
    Buy it.
  • Does what it says

    posted by guimetetete

    It's very cheap and does what it says. It has all you need to use an Arduino in a remotely. Just connect the pins (OUTPUT-GND-5V lookin in front) and you can use with the IRRemote library.
    The resistors aren't necessary (With them it doesn't work) so I don't know why they came with the kit.
    Useful and cheap if you need it.
  • Very interesting and useful for students and hobbists

    posted by Violim

    Its a fun kit to understand the behavior of some sensors.
    The order of the sensors is:KY001 Temperature sensorKY002 Vibration switchKY003 Hall magnetic sensorKY004 Key switchKY005 IR emission sensorKY006 Small passive buzzerKY008 Laser sensorKY009 3-color full-color LED SMDKY010 Photo interrupter sensorKY011 Color LEDKY012 Active buzzerKY013 Temperature sensorKY015 Temperature and humidity sensorKY016 3-color LEDKY017 Mercury open opticalKY018 Photo resistorKY019 RelayKY020 Tilt switchKY021 Mini magnetic reed sensorKY022 IR receiverKY023 XY-axis touch sensorKY024 Linear magnetic Hall sensorKY025 Large magnetic reed sensorKY026 Flame sensorKY027 Magic light cupKY028 Digital temperature sensorKY029 2-color LED 3mmKY031 Hit sensorKY032 Obstacle avoidance sensorKY033 Hunt sensorKY034 Colorful flashing LEDKY035 Bihor magnetic sensorKY036 Metal touch sensorKY037 Sensitive microphoneKY038 Microphone sound sensorKY039 Finger heartbeat detectionKY040 rotary encoder
    I recommend.
  • The best Adruino Starter kit

    posted by DirkLui

    If you own an Arduino (clone) and need a starter kit with components by this kit. It cheap, has a lot of useful components, a storage box, a resistor card (for those who don't have an App on there Android), big breadboard etc. Just buy and Arduino (clone), download and experiment book (very easy to find) and start with the Blink sketch.
    If you want to know what every component is for just type the part number in Google and read on
    Get and Arduino, get this kit en go!
  • Great Starter Kit

    posted by SeanUA

    It is complete and very useful kit for beginners. Very easy to use. Breadboard is really helpful for everybody who wants to create electronic devices and have no skill in soldering. Very easy to use. The soft and examples can be freely found on the web site. http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software The soft and drivers are easy to install.
    Therefore this is a great deal for every beginner who wants start play with arduino boards.
    It is time for me to experiment.

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