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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase kit board here and you can save money at the same time. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

kit board Customers Reviews

  • A very valuable µC kit!

    posted by Jan09

    - A lot of parts for building small projects- Good price- Practical box- All parts included and working
    The box was glued to the packing bag, so one side of the box is now covered in very sticky glue!
    This is a nice kit if you want to experiment with micro controllers. A lot of parts are included so you can spend days building things without the need to add any parts, the only limit is your imagination. A lot of fun for a cheap price!
  • perfect fit for Arduino mega

    posted by Rakkachi

    Package was very good, i ordered 2 and i received them in a individual carton each. I also bought a Arduino mega from DX a little while ago and the pins match exactly with this kit. No pins where bend during shipping. The plastic can be easily be cut if you need to.
    not sure whats the use of the small pcb. Although the holes match i cant seem to think of a way to use it but it could be i simply dont need it in my design for a 3d-led cube.
    Cheap and functional kit
  • The best Adruino Starter kit

    posted by DirkLui

    If you own an Arduino (clone) and need a starter kit with components by this kit. It cheap, has a lot of useful components, a storage box, a resistor card (for those who don't have an App on there Android), big breadboard etc. Just buy and Arduino (clone), download and experiment book (very easy to find) and start with the Blink sketch.
    If you want to know what every component is for just type the part number in Google and read on
    Get and Arduino, get this kit en go!
  • Not the cheapest but very well built

    posted by usamashah

    Quality is very good, does not feel cheap at all. Comes in various lengths that are useful on breadboard projects. Lengths are all colour coded as well so it is easy to differentiate. The box is also very nice and is sectioned to easily organize the wires by length.
    Its great for DIY projects makes everything much more compact and cleaner instead of having wires looping around everywhere
    Highly recommend for the quality but price could be better

    posted by falslyremoved27

    Good cost, all the stuff you need to start with.Excellent board design not seen on other clones all the 3 pin hook ups, is like having one of the V4 or V5 sensor shields built in!Something that are or at least were included in my kit, but not mentioned, but are in the picture: Photo resisters All in all a good starter kit. but, beware it an addiction!
    Not sure on what all the differences are between the Duemilanove and Uno but, Its possible that DX is getting these things marked both ways, and what ever differences there are or were are solved in the firmware on board? this is only a speculation.I myself purchased and received the Duemilanove with the at32 chip
    Minor short comings listed in cons are really not that big of a deal. Except they need to get it strait what type of board is it? It was like this when i bought my kit months ago.Right now in the title its an uno, in the specs its listed as a Duemilanove?Either way buy it! god deal the unique design will come in handy for beginners, and you'll still find your self using those 3 pin shortcuts again and again!


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