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  • Could not pull out lcd, glued somewhere inside.

    posted by amidarius

    Almost all You need for this 'operation' is inside this package ...
    I beleive that replacing the battery is possible with some earlier versions of ipad nano but Apple did not wanted that anymore so they simply glued pcb somewhere and made imposible to pull out LCD out of the case. Beware of that fact !
    Only missing PH0 screwdriver in order to be complete package for this kind of operation.
  • Very handy charger

    posted by bullka

    - Not expensive and comes with batteries
    - User guide says that 4 batteries will charge 360 minutes. Mine LEDs went blue in 4-4,5 hours. Can't tell you if it's good or bad- Could me more compact.- I also purchased 2700mAh batteries. Do you think they will charge fully with that charger?
    For that price I think it's a great product. My only complain - user guide is not right. It should correspond to a real product.I bought it mainly for xbox controllers and my kids toys. Let's see how it will act.
  • Fantastic to replace aging batteries

    posted by ColinWh

    It's a great replacement for your aging SP's battery. The GBA SP is one of my favourite portables ever, and I was concerned about its ever decreasing batter life. I found this on DX, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how well it works. It'll also fit into the original NDS, and it's designed to do so. It also comes with the necessary screwdriver, which was a nice touch! Excellent battery life; I'm sorry that I can't give you a number!
    Please remember to responsibly dispose of your old battery, as they leak toxic chemicals into the environment.
    A solid battery replacement for really cheap. Absolutely get it, but know that it will take some work to get it into your SP.
  • Good to teach kids

    posted by edumoreira

    All the experiments runs and turns as promised, good even for "old boys" and for kids.I guess it may open mind of children to science.The buzz, LED signs well, which makes the demo very reliable
    I would suggest to make a better quality lab with a more detailed material. It might be easlly used in a classroom as an individual I also think it might have a low cost voltmeter to monitor the battery running to make didactical reports.
    I recommend this for didactial puporse
  • The complete pack for your S3.

    posted by erickrayne

    - One buy and you have it all: Case + extra battery + screen protections + cleaning cloths;- Very easy to put the case on the device and it really covers all of it; it seems very protective;- The screen protection is glossy, doesn't make it difficult to operate or read after applied.
    - Good products overall, very useful and it's a full package. After buying it, you don't need to buy anything else to your Galaxy S3.
    - I would recommend to friends and family.

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