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The keychains set your looking for is one of our top sellers. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

keychains set Customers Reviews

  • Cool

    posted by SinRiver

    Very nice and looks good, I put it on my bag's zipper and my best friend has to other half.They stick together by magnetism.Looks the same as shown in picture, quality is not any crappier.
    Very good gift for a close friend or girlfriend/boyfriend, it is like publicly displaying your relationship. Although a little cheesy, girls usually like it.
  • Worth the money

    posted by lucasgrinder

    - It's very well made.- For the price, the quality is excelent.- It has no sharps.- Looks nice in a collection.
    - Could have other characters. It has two marios and 2 luigis and it doesn't have princess peach, toad and bowser.
    - Buy it. Who is a fan, it's money well spent.
  • Looks good, looks nice.

    posted by gogogoalex2

    Looks good, its cute, i like it, perfect for romantic lovers.Cheap price.Cute design.
    I bought for accomplish something, and im happy with it, so i dont regret paying that money, because actually its not expensive and its cute.
    Buy it, if u like this type of romantic things. No need to say much more, its cute, its romantic, its perfect for lovers.
  • Lovely Sakura figures!

    posted by rcsanches2112

    A lovely stuff for Card Captor Sakura fans! All the 5 figures came with nice details, all with good quality.
    The best thing is the fact that you can use then like little action figures! Just take off the chains and you've got 5 Sakura little figures!
    It came without the chains - and I can use JUST like figures for decoration. Well, I don't see any problems...
    Nice stuff for fans, very cute and good quality. I brought for my girlfriend (the biggest Sakura fan that I ever meet!) and she loved it! If you're a fan, buy it!
  • Very cool

    posted by WildBoarKing

    Very easy to install. Mounts easily on all parts of the bicycle, be it the handle bar, seat post, or even the hubs
    The RGB function is very cool and differentiates my bicycle from others
    Very light
    Does not break off or fall off my bike as its very tightly secured.
    Could be even cooler with more colours!
    Light and Cool

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