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keychain silver Customers Reviews

  • 5 nice and usefull keychains!

    posted by Roel20

    They work very good! When i use them and people see them, i always get many nice comments on them! They are nice conversation starters!
    They are great gifts too! I always put them attached to other gifts and they are a great 'finishing touch'.
    They are usefull. They are not to big for your pocket. You (yes, YOU!) should buy them.
  • Mini Aluminum Alloy Refillable Butane Flint Lighter w/ Keychain - Silver

    posted by blondulro

    Small little lighter simple but well build. Very small to get lost in your pocket or perfect for your keychain. Perfect for a smoker because is compact and lights every time.
    Best lighter I have purchase from DX . I got many lighters but this is the one I like the most because is so compact.
    Good product Price / quality
  • versatile use

    posted by backfish

    multipurpose ajustable ring. use it indoors and outdoors. indoors for locking things. I use mine outdoors to attach a reflexion star to my backpack. Once i found my tarp after the reflexion star caught my pocketlight (DX) and shone in the dark.
    typically EDC item
    as any multipurpose item its possession shows further use. compare it to ductape or tiewraps. they'll find their way into my backpack all the time
  • A good design

    posted by anasimtiaz

    - Its a nice design. - Easy to use. - Looks awesome too. - A nice silvery color. - A good length of the item.
    Its a good accessory to get if u r a woman OR a man who likes to think hes' a queen :p anywho its a a bit pricey by my standards.
  • Pretty Cool

    posted by TieNN89

    It's a great looking key chain light which is pretty handy when you suddenly need a light.Pretty cheap too and beyond what I expected.
    If they somehow added an on/off switch to this it would make it 10x easier to use and less chances of it falling apart
    It looks just like a spark plug and I would recommend it to any car enthusiast.

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