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keychain silver Customers Reviews

  • Fantastic and convenient

    posted by ghadden

    It is the advertised capacity. It comes up as 29.4GB. As you can see in the pic, it only the width of a usb connection, so it's as thin as it can be. Great for having on your keys so you've got a high capacity flash drive on hand that isn't bulky. The connection hasn't bent like I was worried it might, sitting in my pocket with my keys all day.
    I keep it on me so I can get files from work or friends without having to think to bring one.
    Not much available at this capacity for this price. It is hardier than it looks. Incredibly useful and convenient.
  • Good product

    posted by rob7474

    The quality of this product is really good. There are no visible defects.The material seems solid. I do not think it will break anytime soon. Similarly, the impression is really good, including card details.
    A good product for a very good quality for a good price !!
    For all poker fans! (and other;)) Do not hesitate to buy it, you will not be disappointed !!
  • Bigger than i expected, and kinda meh

    posted by leostaley1

    -It works, and it has a useful design. -The clip is very secure. -Looks good.
    It's also a bit lighter than it looks, so i guess that's a thing.
    It was wrong for me because of the size, but if 3.5 inches is right for you, it's a good price. such a good price, that i ordered two, and still don't regret it.
  • I love my crab

    posted by Pebble1

    I love my crab keychain. The metal Quality was better than what i was expecting. Even the chain part had some nice strong metal. Its a cool looking thing . His little crap claws can move and im sure you see that in the picture.
    I gave it a three star for its usefulness because i didn't see any use of a crab keychain. duh
    If you love crabs like I do than i would take into consideration of buying this one.
  • easy to use

    posted by alclonky

    Easy to use, works nicely, very small, you hardly see the red light because the duration of unloading is very short, but its more a pro than a con.
    this thing as a ring whould be nice, so you don't have to search for the keychain for static removal. its to small for not putting on a keychain
    very useful gadget for low price, get one if you a using you pc often, or want to get sure not to get a shock when touching metal housings.


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