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  • Very good & practical pen drive option

    posted by Startwigs

    -USB stick is very resistant-The "locking" system to use, perhaps in your key chain is not only well built (works pretty well), but also a lot useful.-Small and light, with lots of space!
    Slick design USB stick with looks and performance.
    Has a nice price for an overall very good, resistant and practical product. Definitely recommendable. Worth it's price.
  • Small, light, quick enough

    posted by pmbuyit

    The drive is really small, smaller than expected. First I have tested it with H2testw - this drive is NO FAKE - it is really 16 GB (means 14,7 GB when You ask Windows). Copying of files seems quick, so I have then tested the speed of the drive with Check Flash 1.16.2 - result: Write speed (small pattern set) about 6 MB/s (5,7 to 6,10 MB/s), read speed (small pattern set) about 25 MB/s (21,5 to 25,8 MB/s). A new test with another testing program - CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1 - sequential read/write test: write speed 6,97 MB/s, read speed 26,69 MB/s. Is quite good for me.
    Color is "anthracite", looks elegant. The carabiner clip is strong, you can attach it on a key ring with one hand, to remove it you will need two hands.
    Have seen it cheaper, but is a good drive. If you need it, why not buy it?
  • Cute

    posted by safklj

    Comes with a nice big key ring, which keeps this block of metal away from your keys enough that they don't sit at an odd angle in your pocket.Nice colour and gloss.
    I don't know how the finish will hold up. If it's just painted-on, then it will eventually rub off and look terrible.
    Recommended if you want a random dongle hanging off of your key chain. Usefulness as a bottle opener or for hanging other random things from it? Minimal at best.
  • easy to use

    posted by alclonky

    Easy to use, works nicely, very small, you hardly see the red light because the duration of unloading is very short, but its more a pro than a con.
    this thing as a ring whould be nice, so you don't have to search for the keychain for static removal. its to small for not putting on a keychain
    very useful gadget for low price, get one if you a using you pc often, or want to get sure not to get a shock when touching metal housings.
  • A solid symbolic keychain

    posted by Ovecka

    I was pleasantly surprised when receive this item. It seems to be a well manufacturing of solid material, "aged" look is great. By it's size and visage it's a stylish man "key holder".
    I come from family of Boy scouts so I just have to take two of these chains for my "brothers". I think they will be glad for this triffle.
    If the price doesn't seem to you too high, and you'd like to show you're a boy scout or you just like the knight symbol, just buy it:).

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