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keychain mini usb Customers Reviews

  • This is one bad ass speaker

    posted by MoAvW

    -Powerfull, 3W that can deliver somewhat bass sensation. Almost suitable as desktop speaker.-Sound Quality - 7/10 and I'm an audiophile that uses HD600 heaphones. Highs are great mids are OK and bass is a little shy then OK but surprisingly strong.-Small and nice shaped for carry around. on your beg, but too heavy for a key-chain.-Rechargeable via USB.
    Overall a great purchase - Recommended !
  • Very useful!

    posted by dizarpe

    The keychain is small and discreet, it might seem a small gate opener. The white version that I bought is solid, made of good material. The cable can slide, ie after they opened the garments with the USB and Micro USB, the cable can be extended or all of one side or everything the other.
    It will be used often, as I often happen to be with a PC at hand, the cell discharge but no cable microusb to attack him.
    For the price it costs, it is an must have object.
  • perfect gift

    posted by bazis

    -very small. fits in your hand-loud enough to use in shower(not water resistant)-battery charges from miniusb-build-in 3.5mm jack-charge led indicator-perfect design
    there is place inside to build-in bigger battery. Also, i would like too gadget like that, but with AAA battery powered
    if you don't need ability to play from sd cards, buy it!
  • Works perfect on Samsung Omnia II

    posted by jbrinx

    It works on Samsung Omnia II, so this is perfect (I've been looking for a micro usb connector to be able to charge it and none of the USB->MicroUSB worked before), so for me there's no more need except of this.
    If you own a Samsung Omnia don't waste your time nor money on other wires, just use that adapter and enjoy.I've bought cables for 99cts and until 5$ and none worked (I bought more than 5), so I feel I've wasted some money, but now I'm happy cause I found one that works.
    Nothing more to add, because it worked perfectly.
  • Small, hot and fast

    posted by palll

    * It's *hot*, looks very shiny with great design* It's fast for big file transfers (see the two CrystalDiskMark screenshots), compared to my A-Data S102 it's nearly twice as fast in sequential reading (~125MB/s vs ~70MB/s). Write speed is only 26~32MB/s but this is normal for USB flash drives (the A-Data one bench at 21MB/s)* Fast write for very small files (4Kb) ~1MB/s, where the A-Data flash drive bench at 0.2MB/s so 500% as fast on this one!
    The USB 3.0 really makes a difference here, so definately use this port if it's available to you.Even though it's *made in china* it's not the cheapest drive on the market, but it certainly does have great features. Most important one: very small!Make sure to attach something to it, not only to be able to remove it more easily but also not to loose it.
    Small, good looking, fast and reasonable priced. Works great as gift as well.

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