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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase keychain lighter gas here and you can save money at the same time. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.

keychain lighter gas Customers Reviews

  • Very cool and fun shape lighter

    posted by LukasIT2

    1. You can use this to show off to your friends and/or give them a birthday, christmas or just casual gifts.2. the flame is pretty big.3. Looks awesome.4. easy use5. It's super cheap.
    Really fits in my a collection, I have other colors and sizes. Definitely not suitable as a toy for children. Adults can play with it :)
    Also pretty cool gift to show off to your friends. Super cheap, Buy it.. .Its a must buy and a wonderfull gadget, thanks again dealextreme.
  • Beautiful and comfortable.

    posted by spcleha

    Beautiful and comfortable. A lot of handy and useful gadgets :) Collected by carefully. A good choice for a gift. Gas holds up well. Corkscrew can be used for separating bottles :)
    Not tested as ????? batteries in two flashlights :)
    Recommended for gifts.
  • A slick lighter

    posted by scout247

    -slick and minimalist design-compact-inexpensive-premium materials
    -while it hasn't yet the finish gives the impression that it scratches easily-relatively simple to fill; wasn't as finicky as some butane lighters are-Bic lighter type flame rather than torch
    If you want a cleanly designed firestarter, look no further. As for overall ability to accomplish it designated tasks: B+
  • amazing multi purpose lighter

    posted by 08srtblaclout

    for a lighter alone its an amazing lighter. its nice and thick. it has a great weight to it and you can tell its not cheaply made at all. now throw in the bottle opener and its a perfect multi purpose lighter. add the led light an even better lighter and its nice and bright. now add the uv light I'm speechless for it. now you have a lighter which for me a need all the time I'm a smoker. add the bottle opener you always need to have one. the flashlight for when you need one and don't have one which is great to just have in your lighter. now the uv light to check to make sure you money isn't fake. idk how you can make a more perfect lighter. the size of it is the size of a normal metal lighter like this plus it has all these extra things with no added weight or size. the lighter lights really easy the bottle opener is easy to use and the lights each have there own buttons. its the perfect multi purpose lighter and it is great quality.
    you can throw it on your keychain which i love they added or just have it in your pocket. they didn't sacrifice anything size quality nothing by adding all these things and it would cost for just the lighter alone of this quality 15-40 bucks anywhere else without all the extras now add them and forget about it.
    this is a perfect lighter to always have with you. you will always have fire, always have light, always have a bottle opener, and always have a money detector. without sacrificing space or weight to it. its just perfect to always have with you.
  • One of my favourite lighters

    posted by Bobtree

    Comfortable, easy to fill, protective cover so you don't burn your self, and most of all you can turn the flame up and down by simiply twising the control on the bottom! Most of these type of lighters you need a screwdriver to turn them up and down, and it has to be a perfect fit. But not this one! This one rocks!
    Fuel runs out if you have a busy night
    Buy one!


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