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  • Great Value

    posted by choqqy

    This is a great price compared to the quality.
    It holds a surprising amount. It will hold your daily medications and is useful way to take your meds when you go shopping for the day.
    I like the screw down cap, as my previous pillbox had a slip fit, so that often I would find my meds at the bottom of my bag. The screw-down lid will certainly prevent this.
    I think this may be water-proof. It does have a rubber O-ring to prevent water infiltration. If it is, I can see equipping my camper family members with this little pod to keep fire-starting matches dry.
    This is a secure compact little pod which may find other uses, like a small sewing kit for travelling.
    I'll be purchasing a few more of these and use some of them as gifts.
  • Hot little sucker!

    posted by KiwiMark

    Puts out a lot of heat with the twin jet flames - easily melts aluminium, copper, etc.
    Honest brand = good quality.
    Feels good with rubberised body, has a good solid feel.
    Lights pretty much every try.
    I own several jet torch lighters and I find that the ones I like the most are made by Honest - They are one of the best brands from China.
    I bought 3 of these - they seem to all be consistently good.
    The bottom line is that there are plenty of jet flame lighters on this site - plenty of good ones to choose from. This is one of the good ones. Twin flames for extra heat and this seem to be well made and I think it will be reliable. If the design of this appeals then there is no reason not to buy it!
  • it is good but it sometimes does not work

    posted by chickenlover343

    it looks cool and is fun to play with and show to friends. friends love it and are really considering buying this hamburger lighter. i will keep buying cool stuff for the right price. find what is right for you.
    it would make a great gift and will be a good joke to have a hamburger lighter.
    it works good and like it really good and easy to use so i think you should consider buying it.
  • Convenient little fella

    posted by toshimigita

    Convenience, practical. Just plain awesome. Look no further if your looking for something to keep your keys in place.
    Get the larger version of this (SKU 33426). It's much more worth it.
    If your looking for this kind of key holder, just stop thinking and hit the damn add to cart button already.
  • Excelent product

    posted by ayuliss

    This flashlight is really bright. The 2 led lamps help increase its brightness. Laser quality is excelent too.
    I bought 3, got 2 blue and 1 silver. People loved it.
    Its an excelent product, really good quality. It feels a little heavy, as you suppose it will be, doesnt feel cheap al all.

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