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keychain card Customers Reviews

  • Great quality product!

    posted by Mtabarelli

    Very Small, perfect for car stereo use or to leave connected on your laptop for general use.Works as it should, I bought it about a year ago, still working great ( i leave it connected to my car stereo, everyday use)I use a 8gb micro SD card, never tried something bigger, but it's nice to have the maximum capacity written on the description of the product so you know if it's going to work for your need.
    No other thoughts
    If you need a card reader with great quality and smallest as possible (be careful it is really easy to loose)Get this one.
  • this is what you are looking for

    posted by tomy984

    works with my 16gb micro sd ok, has a blue status led (on = idle, flickering = working), has a very clever way of inserting microsd (into usb plug), all in all good idea and good manufacturing. Very tiny
    there is also a black version of this, I think it's basically the same.
    very recommended, buy it. Cheaper microsd readers just don't work this well.
  • Amazing Key Ring

    posted by IgorBlitz

    It's very well build and very well finished!The metal material is quite tough and smoothThe printing is very well done and it doesn't feels like it's gonna peel or shade.Not too heavy, not too light
    I've had to replace that beautiful ring for an old one a little bit more rounded that I had.
    I loved this keyring and I would recommend this to a friend
  • My new pendant Key

    posted by Sitkatr

    Simple and beautiful pendant, which looks very like me. Of the pros can make a very strong and I think a reliable locking system, which can be opened only two hands. Quality - surprisingly good. Figure broken and can see well, I think, not only to fans like poker, but all the other card players. Remained only to see how much (I think), he served for years, although he is likely to get tired more quickly than simply fails. But in any case - it is simply a very beautiful and pleasant to wear, look at him and just give ...
    keys to wear suitable - it is something that should have been me and my girlfriend
  • It makes your manhood look big!

    posted by thomasnguyen

    It has a blue LED light when plugged in! Neat. It works well with my FM Transmitter. It's very small, so it could stay in your laptop or device forever without any appearance or diminishing look.
    Take a good look at the bottom picture. I was so confused as to how to put it in. Everyone would look at me crazy if they saw how amused I was.
    Buy it! I bought one of the USB small ones that Dealextreme carries( the ones with a cover and strap) and it broke. The plastic screening that held the SD Card broke thus I could no longer put any SD Cards. It won't happen in this case!


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