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keychain black Customers Reviews

  • Funny gift

    posted by gabizago2

    It makes a funny and loud noiseIt's cuteIt's soft to the touch
    It is ok as a gift for a kid, maybe, but not to use as your regular keychain - as I original thought about doing. Imagine if you put it inside your purse, and then things move and you accidentally press the button during an important meeting - a loud giraffe noise will be fill the environment.
    It's cute, but it will be kept home.
  • Cool for carrying liquid

    posted by SithLord

    Cheap and reliable water proof containner with key chain size.
    It can carry sphare flintstones.
    Good for caryin liquids or keeping smal things dry.
    Outer quality and look is superb.
    Remember It is made of aliminum donot put liquids corosive to aliminium...
    Pros are much grater for this product.
    Beautiful over all and useful if you need this kind of product.
  • Very beautiful!

    posted by KatyaVB

    This keychain is just wonderful! Very well finished, with perfect detailing.
    A great item for gift giving, I believe that any woman or girl would love to have a keychain like this. The details of it are perfect, eyes and nose are painted with an ink well fixed. The collar is very well finished and detailed, and even has a bell very charming! Finishing The kitten's body is very good, perfect matte black paint and firm. I loved it!
    It's simply perfect! I have none against, loved!
  • A solid symbolic keychain

    posted by Ovecka

    I was pleasantly surprised when receive this item. It seems to be a well manufacturing of solid material, "aged" look is great. By it's size and visage it's a stylish man "key holder".
    I come from family of Boy scouts so I just have to take two of these chains for my "brothers". I think they will be glad for this triffle.
    If the price doesn't seem to you too high, and you'd like to show you're a boy scout or you just like the knight symbol, just buy it:).
  • Very Good buy

    posted by ulissessigma

    I've tried some times and this seems to bem a very good buy! * The whistle is loud enough and it has an space in the base where you can hide some survival stuff.
    It's good to have an survival whistle close, you don't know when you will need it, but when this time comes, you'll be prepered with one of these.
    Buy it! It is a very good buy! with good price and you can stay with one and sell the other four for your friends so the price get's even lower...

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