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  • Great keyboard

    posted by martintun

    Keyboard is a good looking and good quality, the keys do not seem fragile as other keyboards to tablet.If you need to use the tablet to "work" at a time you can not access a pc perfectly supplements the function.
    IS very easy to sync with the tablet and seems very sturdy.Also how it fits against the tablet can be used as cover
    Recommended purchase if you need the tablet for more than just watch videos and play.If you need to "work" for a vacation or a trip with your tablet, you are covered with this keyboard
  • Tactile Switches for Cheap

    posted by gervinho

    Tactile switches with a really nice feel, they feel really good to type on. Not as clicky as I thought they'd be, but its sounds really nice when typing. Think these are the switches in the older Matias Tactile Pro keyboards. Build quality is good compared to my XM green alps switches. Don't look like they break easily like the third party cherry switches. Transparent switch body really helps if you want to install leds below your switches.
    Soldering skills required to install them.
    Really worth the price they're on here.
  • BG-7 Rechargeable Wireless BluetoothKeyboard for Google Nexus

    posted by briancindrich

    Makes keyboarding much easier and also serves as an excellent protective stand and cover which compliments the style of the Nexus 7.
    Reliability: my BG-7 Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth 61-Key Keyboard for Google Nexus failed after three weeks of use. Disappointing since it failed the night before I was to set off on an extensive vacation. I was hoping to use this keyboard for easier communication.
    Yes, I'd like another one. A wonderful idea, but simply a heavy protective cover if it fails to work.
  • Only one problem

    posted by JosePron

    The quality of construction in good, your back is similar to the Nexusfits perfectly, the keyboard is comfortable to use and once synchronized only necessary to turn on the keyboard and it automatically detects
    It is very common to use the keyboard, buy it as an accessory but it is very comfortable to support and protect the tablet
    The price is cheap compared to what it costs in my country
  • Nice keys, but a bit flimsy and too light.

    posted by beta34

    Has the best keys in one of these iPad keyboards that I've ever seen. They feel a lot like the keys on my MacBook Pro and includes the option and command keys, which are useful for symbols and shortcuts.Quite thin. About doubles the thickness of an iPad 2.
    I really like this thing, but it takes some getting used to. The case is a bit flimsy and the back has already dented a bit and the coating is scratched. The spacebar isn't as wide as I'd like, so it's hard to hit with the right thumb. The one glaring flaw, however, is how light it is. With the iPad mounted in the viewing position, it's barely heavy enough to stay upright on a table, so it's easy to knock over and hard to use in one's lap.
    Worth it just for the nice keys, but some issues with quality and weight.

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