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keyboard control Customers Reviews

  • Good as it is, could be a lot better

    posted by Nietzsc

    Well made, very ergonomic and the size is perfect for the hand.
    As I said, very good device as it is. But the potential of customizing the buttons on the front would be very helpful. Some buttons are totally wasted because of that.
    Customizing Software needed
  • Great Price, great device!

    posted by Thiagoalberto

    Very good construction, nice device to use with your android pc
    Nothing until now. Could have an option to learn others remote controls and be usable to control your tv in a single remote.
    Very good device to use with yout HTPC or a SmartTV. some keys
  • Great remote!

    posted by pko66

    RF connection does not need direct view like infrared and is easier to manage than bluetooth. The remote looks great and has the correct number of buttons.
    It works reasonably well with XBMC, but some customization is needed since by default there is no button assigned to context menu, and that is fundamental function in XBMC. But there are plenty of buttons available to be assigned.
    It looks very good, it is plastic but with good quality and it is not slippery. There is a button marked with a gear that I do not know yet its purpose (instructions are in chinese, not that they are needed for most people). When you press the button, a red light brights in the front of the remote.
  • Works great, awesome price

    posted by compufreak7

    Accelerometer works great, mouse disabled while using keyboard to avoid pointer flying around.It comes with microphone and speaker (and headphone jack) so you can use it as an actual phone with skype or something!It even came with a smaller dongle than shown on pictures, very slim version. Works great.
    Very useful in combination with an android TV box or stick or if you want to use your PC as media center or from across the room.
    Great price/quality, lots of functionality and it all works great. Slim dongle. Lacks play/pause and stop buttons but you can work around that easily. Great product overall!
  • Simple and great!

    posted by vkisil

    Simple.Plug and play.Easy to configurate.Just like the picture.Cheap.
    This is a great gadget for people who need to control their computer in non-traditional ways. I use it to control musical performance softwares, like Pd and Max/MSP.It coasts much less than a MIDI pedal controller and it does almost the same thing (of course it doesn't have the expression pedal).It works just like a keyboard with 3 buttons. You can configure it via software (only in Windows I think), but it keeps the configuration. So you just need to do it once. The factory configuration is the letters "A" "B" and "C" for the left, middle and right footswitches.
    Very useful for me! I just bought another one to have 6 diferents foot controlers!

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