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key silicone protective Customers Reviews

  • You would think General Motors custom made this.

    posted by 52cameron

    Totally awesome. Fits like a glove, and totally protects an important and expensive piece of equipment. The price is incredible to say the least, so at this price everyone should have them.
    You know why the Car Dealer don't offer this item. They know you will one day drop that remote and they are hoping to sell you another.
    A new remote costs $185.00. You drop it without the silicon case it's probably toast. But if you spend under $4.00, you've just saved yourself a pile of cash and a headache. Best $4.00 I have ever spent.
  • Great investment for your key

    posted by BlahMBah

    Great price. Those keys are really sensitive for drops, key plastic is kind easily whorn out .. Great for cosmetic change and protect your key. Easily applicable, a child can do it . Can be cleaned if dirt collects up.
    Cheaper than ebay. As ususall, DX inculdes S&H costs. Fast delivery.
    my friends ask me to provide them a link to buy those ..
  • Fit but not for the latest 3-button remote

    posted by superken

    - Good quality silicone- Also fit the 3-button remote as well as the 4-button (which is what it really for)
    The center BMW logo is also a button. Description should says "4-button".
    My oversight on the panic button imprint. Should notice that it doesn't fit the 3-button remote. Should not have count on the product description only.
  • Perfect fun gift

    posted by Josh3093

    *It covers the home button, protecting it from scratches and/or finger grease entering into the sides of itself.*It fits perfectly, even with a case (but not a thick one).
    *By pressing the home button with this little gadget, you may have a weird and funny sensation, due to the bulge that the silicone underwear counts with in the front part.
    *It looks great, it feel well; this is the perfect funny gadget to have and/or give as a present to a friend.
  • Product exceeds my expectation

    posted by renatofcr

    Fits perfectly in the remote key, very good quality, nice look, silicone is soft and does not get stuck inside the pocket, neither it is hard to take it off from the pocket, like some silicone covers.
    It really helps to keep the remote key safe from fall and scratches.
    It is made of silicone, very resistant, looks like it will last for a long time.

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