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You can find fashionable key remote controller at a low price. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. You can also browse infrared remote controller and iphone remote controller. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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key remote controller Customers Reviews

  • FUN!!!!

    posted by djonah

    - cheap- small- powerful enough for 300 5050 smd's- very dimmable- lots of speed adjustments on the modes
    does what is supposed to do
    get these to have fun, get the 44key if you need to produce nice white whit RGB strips.
  • Good remote control for for Multimedia center

    posted by RastoN

    Good quality product with internal battery and charging via micro USB. I use it as remote control for TV and multimedia station based on XBMC. This device is combination of IR controler (for TV) and wireless mouse and keybord for PC and other types of computers. I use it as a replacement for old universal IR controller. IR controller (orange buttons) is very easy to learn IR codes for TV. This device works very well.
    Air mouse is quite accurate.
    It is good piece of hardware.
  • Looks great and does the trick

    posted by Raitis

    Price for what you getLots of functionsRemote is small and looks goodRF Wireless = no need to have receiver in direct sight, my neighbor can actually switch on my light (if he has my remote)High power limit
    Don't short circuit it
    Very well made product for the price. If you're looking for an amazing switch for your light buy this. After trying remote I'm most likely putting one in every lamp I make that looks better without a mechanical switch.
  • Reacts to others' remote commanders

    posted by Artmix

    Very small, light weight. Smooth transition in FADE mode.
    So that, if you want to use this device together with TV, you will get a surprise! Especially when illuminating the room in the dark and use TV remote commander you can get a bright white flash.
    If you want to use this device without surprises, do not use others remote commanders in same room.
  • Good 315 Mhz remote

    posted by codreanulaura15

    The remote is good quality build in. I have been able to clone two remotes (see the video - as an example). The frequency is 315. I have cloned the remote from: http://www.dx.com/p/73407 and from http://www.dx.com/p/128007
    The steps to clone the remotes I found it here: Methods of operation1, Clear out code:Press LOCK and UNLOCK at the same time, two seconds later, LED flashes three times, Release UNLOCK while still pressing LOCK, press 3 times UNLOCK and it will be followed by a continuous fast blinking. Indicates that the remote control code stored was deleted.2, Duplicating (learning)Right Hands press original remote control A, and left hand press remote control duplicator A', 2 remote controls put together as close as possible, while pressing the remote controls two match button,(eg: A-A’,B-B’) three seconds later, LED indicator light flashes three times, followed by a continuous fast blinking. That's mean successfully copied.3, Recovery codePress A and C at same time , 3 seconds later, LED indicator light flashes three times, followed by a continuous fast blinking. This indicates that the original remote control codes have been restored.
    The product is ok, if you want a new remote, use this cloner to copy 315 Mhz remotes.

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