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  • Eyecatching heart necklace

    posted by SoraLobbut

    * It's a lovely retro necklace that looks just like the picture.* Made from a good quality material, I'm not expecting to break it any soon.* Copper color doesn't seem to fade at all. Also, doesn't have that weird metal-smell other accesories has.* It actually opens!
    I received several compliments about this one!.
    I got this right before Valentine's day, so everyone noticed it (and yes, tried to open it with the tiny key).
  • Good

    posted by xisakx

    - Cheap
    Great product for the price. Nothing to complain about with that price tag. It may be a little smelly, but it goes away after some time(about a week for me). The thin part may not be a problem because if someone want to steal it they probably need something to cut over with it. It might be easier, but any kensington lock would breake form that. The "protection" should have been there, I get some ugly markings were the hole to the kensington lock is. Thats sucks a little.
    Nothing more to say. It's cheap and great, but have some negative sides. Go and buy a more expensive product(i think dx has more expensive versions of this), if you can't live with the small negative sides of this product.
  • good idea - made mediocre

    posted by schpet

    First of all - it works, and looks sturdy. The arc of the shackle bar is wide enough to use in many places: hasp, chain, disc brake etc. Arming and disarming is delayed - you have few seconds to open it and disarm before the alarm goes on. The battery is replaceable: the padlock can be disassembled by unscrewing two screws through the bar holes. The alarm is louder than you expect from a tiny device like this.
    Looks serious, and works as it should, but the quality is far from perfect. It can surprise an amateur thief, but will not protect your valuables from a prepared one.
  • Why oh why did i buy this haha

    posted by rcaor

    Quality material. The wire feels very rigid and tough. The locking mechanism works fine and I was able to lock up my items (laptop, monitor, etc.) so as long as they had the [k] keyhole or what ever. It's very long too.
    It's very cheap but the quality is nice. Some covering pieces like to slide off but the lock itself works and that's all you need.
    try it out, it'd be good in bulk if you need it and it works.
  • Great Lock!

    posted by mponomarev

    - Seems to be very strong!- I can't even imagine how it can be broke without motorcycle wheel disassemble.- Looks great and matches any motorcycle style and type.- Comes with three keys.- A little bit heavy but due to int's function this can be only a pro of this device!
    If you are going to buy this item consider about buying a reminder for it! (I've got one here, on DX)Coz you will not be satisfied with the broken brakes when you will forget to unlock... So it will need some attention!
    Great product, I'm fully satisfied with it's quality and function!

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