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jy mcu Customers Reviews

  • 2WAY level converter

    posted by Marcoboot

    It's a cheap, nice and tiny pcb, what is definitely worth it's price. It has it's own powersupply (150mA @ 3V max). The pcb is 10.6mm (0.417inch) by 16mm (0.63 inch). The pitch of the header is 2.56mm (0.1inch). The two headers are 13mm (0.511inch) separated from eachother.The pcb workts great in my I2C (IIC) bus!
    I dont have second thoughts. It is a nice product.
    If you need a good level converter you should buy this one.
  • USB-rs232

    posted by DaioliX

    - good quality - wires included - easy to use- has power supply lines for your cheme- pins clearly labeled- led-s show rx, tx, and power status
    - i did not used it with arduino yet, but thoursands of devises use rs 232 for downloading firmware.i used ftdi for programming and service routers, hard drives, cell phones, my ftdi was broken so i bought the subgect and Im happyit works well for RX/TX.
    if you need COM-port with TTL levels - by this
  • Easy and cheap RTC for hobby/DIY

    posted by buddax

    + Very small size.+ Easy to connect to Arduino.+ Easy to use and configure with Arduino with RTClib or rtclib.+ Vertical standing – saves board spaces.+ Can be powered off an Arduino.+ Very cheap – good bang for the buck.+ Build quality seem reasonable.
    Nothing to add here.
    For application where very accurate timekeeping is not critical i would surely buy more if needed.
  • Great product and easy to use

    posted by chelojoshe

    This prodcut work perfectly with arduino. I am using an arduino nano also from dx. The connections are simple and the quality is fear enough.
    cheap, good quality, small size, easy to use. This product is good for prototyping.
    I would recomend this prodcut to anyone who want to built a small network controlled by a smartphone and control some devices or monitor for example humidity and temperature.
  • Very good Board for beginners

    posted by tboysen

    The board comes with an Atmega32 running on 16MHz, complete with screws and spacers.The Controller is preloaded with a USB bootloader, that implements a HID USB device (VendorID 16C0, ProductID 05DF), so no drivers are needed with windows. It seems to be BootloadHID, AVRUSBBoot or equivalent. It resides in the 2KB boot code section and is activated by holding S4 while reset. A blinking LED indicates that the bootloader is awaiting data. If S4 isn't pressed while reset the software loaded to the flash is started.Just compile your program with for example AVR Studio and send the hex file via USB using a tool like "HIDBootFlash". That's all. Therefore this is a very nice product for beginners to start because no extra Programmer is needed. For me it's a useful board to quickly implement and test something without the need to etch a board.
    Google for "BootloadHID" and "HIDBootFlash" to find all you need to start.The simple test program i used for testing:#include <avr/io.h>#include <util/delay.h>// Test program for the JY-MCU Minimum AVR Board// DX SKU 104310// // Define CPU clock in makefile.// 16MHz: F_CPU=16000000int main(void){ unsigned char i=0; DDRB=0xFF; //Port B as output, LEDs are on PB7 (LED1) - PB0 (LED8). // Init Blink PORTB=0x00; _delay_ms(100); PORTB=0xFF; _delay_ms(100); PORTB=0x00; _delay_ms(500); // A simple moving light ;) // The bit representing the active Bit // is shifted back and forth. while(1) // forever do { for (i=0;i<8;i++) { PORTB=(1<<i); _delay_ms(250); } for (i=0;i<8;i++) { PORTB=(1<<(8-i)); _delay_ms(250); } }}
    Like i said, good for beginners, handy for quick tests for pros.


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