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jy mcu Customers Reviews

  • A solid cheap Arduino Mega

    posted by vasko87

    Good build quality and does what it is supposed to do. Fully functional Arduino Mega beard.
    I have an original ADK and comparing to it the DX product black attched connectors seem just a bit more wobbly and like the original arduino's green LEDs instead of the reds on this one. I would definately buy this item again if I need a microcontroller.
    Great cheaper alternative to other arduino manifacturers. A similar arduino I could buy here for at least 3x the price so it is definately worth it.
  • Entry level Microcontroller projects

    posted by JanDeStrooper

    Very simple and easy programming over USB.Use the BooloadHID from http://vusb.wikidot.com/project:hidbootflashIn combination with the MCSELEC AVRBASCOM the ideal package to learn programming µControllers.
    Push buttons are loaded on the Port D pins 4 to 7Leds are loaded on the port B
    Ideal product for fast, reliable µController applications. Great asset at this price.
  • Good

    posted by DonQuijote

    i found an arduino library for it, made by someone, and i did not have to crete it from scratch.
    Up to six can be chained together on the same bus
    it provides a good balance of inputs and outputs
    The board has obviously been panelised, and there are v-grooves on the side that haven't been snipped off, but you can just snip them off yourself if you find them inconvenient.
    I will probably give mine away, and buy myself another one, as well as other elements from this family of circuits, like the 16 character 7seg display.
  • Great device

    posted by nicgravel

    - Working out of the box. - Simply connect 5V to the Jack and it can works. (I connect a USB cable with a Jack on the other side and power it from my xbox360)- Really bright when at Max. - Digit are Big,
    - the device have place for other components like USB port. If some sort of way to push code directly from USB to the device where added, this thing can be a better product.
    DX should link to the source code so we can change the language inside. When programmed with another code (clockmtx.c) the time is more accurate. This is a great product and will buy another one if needed :-)
  • Great solutions for 3.3V development boards!

    posted by pcmihnea

    I recently bought an Arduino Due board, of which it's GPIO pins operate at 3.3V, not 5V as other boards do. Instead of improvising a level converter myself, I decided it's best to buy a already made and tested one. Even though it only has 4 bidiractional ports, it's more than 0 that I had. To use it, you only need a 3.3V and 5V supply, and that's it! A red SMD led confirms power is present, so you can start using 5V signal on a 3.3V pin (or vice-versa).
    None so far.
    Great little level converter!

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