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  • Superb wires!

    posted by tudor117

    Just like in the photos, come in multiple colours.They came all attached so you can choose how many you want in a strand.Works great with a raspberry pi which has male GPIO connectors to connect to a breadboard.Also works to extend male to male wires, though not sure why that would be wanted.
    Works with arduino to sensors as well.
    If you need prototyping cables for the raspberry pi, these are the ones to get! There more than are enough to cover all the GPIO pins. They evidentially work with many other things as well.
  • Very good cables

    posted by amgrubor

    Very good and flexible cables with multiple lengths and colors, which helps you to easy connect any modules to the arduino or other stuff. This also helps you to recognize and organize your schemes how ever thez might be complicated. The pins of each cable are the right size and they fits into arduino or breadboard holes perfectly. This cables are very useful and a good quality.
    I recommend this product to everyone who do a lot of prototyping, it's one of the best quality/price cables on the market.
    Very good product with good quality and cheap price!
  • Usefull and great price...

    posted by MACKIEYU

    When i first saw these things in DIY videos on the net, i thought they where redundant as i could just use solid core wires. well you can, but these combine the best of both words. the headers are solid for so the fit into breadboards and header sockets while the cable flexes. when going from stripped cat5 to these you wont regret it. and of course, the price. Must have it if you work with electronics....
    A very good product, buy a pack of these or more. cheap and very useful. making you projects go soother and keeping track if what goes where easier.
  • The best thing you can buy for your breadboard

    posted by mrtwist3r

    - Different lengths allow you to find the cable that will be right for the task.- Assorted colors make it easier to follow every connection on your board.- Decent build quality.- They are quite flexible.- Good price.
    There's a similar pack here at the same price but with 70 cables instead of 65. Just saw it now.I'm not sure if the build quality is the same so I cannot recommend that pack over this one for sure but I strongly suggest you to check that product as well.
    These cables are quite useful. I no longer have to cut cables of various lengths just to test something on a breadboard.
  • High quality wires

    posted by dextertron

    This wires it is very resist and very quality. Ideal for Arduino board Experiments, MSP430 Launchpad board or other electronic's projects. The Pack is very complete in the long.
    Sorry.But don't other thoughts.
    The delivery was really fast and the package is OK.

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