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jumper cable wire Customers Reviews

  • Decent for one time use

    posted by neo1erk4

    Cheap and work. They come in a bundle wrapped in a rubber band. Useful for short connections and wont leave a lot of excess wire to get in your way
    I can sometimes straighten them out enough to reuse them but it gets to be a pain so I end up grabbing a new one.
    Their cheap enough that I am happy with being able to use them once or twice.
  • Muito bom

    posted by fccunha

    Ótimo produto. Atendeu o esperado. Essa quantidade de fios de ótima qualidade realmente veio aumentar a facilidade em poder aplicar meus conhecimentos de eletrônica sem gastar um pingo de solda sequer. Todo Hobista, Técnico em Eletrônica ou Engenheiro deve ter em suas ferramentas esses jumpers pois facilitam demais o trabalho.
    Ótimo preço. Ótima qualidade. Perfeita na quantidade. Em conjunto com o protoboard torna-se muito mais muito fácil o trabalho.
    Atendeu minhas expectativas.
  • very useful and easy to use for breadboard projects

    posted by ejes0

    various sizes, short medium and longfits in my breadboard easilylittle black tabs keep them nice and neatlots of colours
    they fit perfectly in my breadboard, and i've already wired two or three projects with them and they work flawlessly
    bottom line, buy them if you use breadboards to work on your electronic projects - at this price, buy two!
  • If you're in doubt, get these

    posted by pfriedel

    Doesn't smell like some awful petrochemical disaster like some other jumpers. A nice variety of lengths. Ends are reasonably well dipped - not so large that they won't fit next to each other on a board, but not so small that you dont' have anything to grab on to.
    If you need to connect points, these are a lot easier to use than stripping your own wires, and your fingers will thank you for it. They also socket in a lot tighter, so your project won't go on the fritz when a wire falls out.
    These are the ones to get.
  • Very good cables

    posted by amgrubor

    Very good and flexible cables with multiple lengths and colors, which helps you to easy connect any modules to the arduino or other stuff. This also helps you to recognize and organize your schemes how ever thez might be complicated. The pins of each cable are the right size and they fits into arduino or breadboard holes perfectly. This cables are very useful and a good quality.
    I recommend this product to everyone who do a lot of prototyping, it's one of the best quality/price cables on the market.
    Very good product with good quality and cheap price!

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