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joystick controller Customers Reviews

  • Great Replacement

    posted by shenske

    Looks and feels VERY close to OEM.Very easy to replace and re-install. Assuming you have a security torx screwdriver to open the controller shell.Well padded and secure during the shipping process.Price. Are you kidding me @2 for two replacement caps and a the silicone pads. Thats a steal.
    Overall the price and quality is great. Spending two bucks for the feeling of a new controller is well worth it. The springy-ness of the buttons and the grip of the joysticks is great!
  • must to have for all tablets

    posted by figliar007

    Very usefull for all tablet users. Amazint to use for playing all adventures, first person shooters and sport games.The quality is very good, joystick is as good as on xbox gamepad :-)
    For this price is very good deal, because the original one on my tablet cost about 20 dolars.
    This joystick i am recomending for all tablet players, who have problem to play games with their fingers.
  • Perfect fit!

    posted by raisleiter

    Fits perfectly the PS3 joystick module
    The silicon cap is somewhat useless. Kept falling when I played games like NHL 14
    If you have damaged thumbsticks, like the rubber part spins when you're playing, this is the best solution, given you're okay paying 1$ + a bit of time fixing the controller. Unless you prefer spending about 60$ on a new controller...
  • These are excellent!

    posted by ifr0ster

    The price, or the lack of it actually. This is cheap.The quality (just like the original).
    The rubber cap on top of the left stick was loose on both my controllers, so I went to my local store and asked if they knew how to fix it. They said it was a common problem, but there's no way to fix it. Buy a new controller, they said. So I did. 499 NOK, which is about 90 USD.When I got home and checked DX, I found these and ordered immediately.Waited a couple of weeks (new record I think) and replaced in about 15 minutes on both controllers.One controller now has both the replacement ones from DX, the other controller just got the broken stick replaced with the functioning one from the first controller. Now I can't tell which is which...
    If you've got a broken controller, buy it.If you don't have a broken controller, buy it anyway, you never know when they might break, and it's better to be safe than sorry. It's $1.20, it's so cheap it's almost free.I'm buying more, just in case.
  • Nicely build device

    posted by alisogor

    - has smooth movement- the cap is detachable, so you can mount it through the hole- positioning accuracy is good, tested with Arduino- looks solid- the joystick cap has rupper surface so far is not slipping- proper packaging
    - it needs 2 arduino pins for X and Y axis and one digital / analog pin for Z axis press (just a button)- probably you'll need to unmount pins and place them from opposite PCB side- would be nice to attach mounting screws into pachage
    Very handy for UI controlling in DIY projects

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