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  • Very good pedal!

    posted by hcunhaa

    this is a very good pedal, very similar with the tubescreamer of ibanez! the construction of this pedal is great and sounds amazing! the full sound of this pedal is get when you put the "tone" knob on 5 o'clock.
    very alternative of the original tubescreamer for this price.
    i just use it a couple of times, but can tell is a great item. i dont use the battery with come on pedal. i think it can damage the pedal if you let it there.
  • Boogie sounding preamp for a low price

    posted by EVVK

    Can sound great when used correctly, you have to bypass your amps preamp and use it in the effects loop. Give's a wide spectrum of different Mesa sounding but only one at a time.
    Does not compare to expensive Triaxis soundwise, but you can get more than 60pcs of this for the same price so for the price/value it is killer. Sounds a bit dull when you run it as a regular pedal, this is why it should go directly to effects loop as it's already a preamp.
    Give Mesa type sounds at affordable price. Recommended to players with tight budget or even PRO's as backup if you can be settled with one type of boogie sound. Perfect also for some home-studio-recording but does not beat the real-deal.
  • Totally usefull

    posted by ep7978

    This is a good deal made by Joyo. Working as well on Joyo effects pedal. Also, I´ve tried to work with another pedal brands and it´s run as well.
    Should you´re trying to make a pedalboard using Joyo equipment this is a good part to buy... to be honest, this was my first purchase order placed on DX, but if you´re looking for a flexible part to use with another brand, like Boss for example, this item will be very usefull and simple to use.
    I thoroughly recommend this power supply for everyone!
  • Good price to value ratio

    posted by georgegvj

    Good construction: metal case, good knobs, good jacks. Beatiful finish. It's a very versatile pedal, going from a low gain "crunch" to a high gain distortion. You can tweak the sound from blues to heavy metal.
    Acceptable noise level (expected for a high gain pedal). Looks very good on the Pedal Board.
    Great pedal for the price. I recommend. In my set, I use a TS-9, and needed a higher gain pedal. This pedal fitted very well.
  • Good to Rock!

    posted by ep7978

    Solid metal construction (aluminum) very simple and well done! Its size provides good accommodation in a equipment set taking not too much space on your pedalboard. It has 3 controls VOLUME, TONE and DIST, so simple to use and enough to match the most varied tones and shades for the purest Rock with hints of Jimmy Hendrix and Cream
    Should you´re looking for a begginer pedal this is the good one that you need. You can plug in your amp to start to make your own sound.... so nice!!!
    I thoroughly recommend this pedal to make presence in your sound stuff!!! Go on and rock!!!

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