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jobon lighter Customers Reviews

  • Legit!!!!!!!

    posted by Andersen1234182

    This is a great product!! It looks like a 50 dollar lighter. I sold it to my friend for 20 bucks!! Like all lifhters on DX, it comes unfilled. You can get the butane at a convenience store, gas station, or smoke shop. Where the flame comes out, there is a wire coil. I do not know why it is there, but I broke the coil and the lighter still works. I think the coil is so you can see if there is a flame because the flame is hard to see in daylight. The lid makes a nice click. The hinge is strong. The finish is really nice. the outside is brushed stainless steel.
    Buy it!!!!!
  • Beautiful and great finish

    posted by jcavedon

    Good finishing made ??of metal rather than plastic. Compact size and easy to store and carry.
    Could have an instruction manual in English. Informing the type of gas needed to refill.I'll look here in Brazil as refueling because I could not turn on. I hope it's just a lack of gas.
    Despite my remarks contrary, actually seems to be a quality product. So I can use I will update my opinion.
  • good lighter for a good price

    posted by remyk1993

    Very good lighter its working perfect and has a strong flame and is easy to handle,the lighter works long wen its refilt with gass
    its looks good to its if its from gold and the working system is a nice thing toyou turn the ring and the gass comes out and you hit the flint and it go's and stays on nice concept you dont see that very mutch
    good lighter for a great price
  • Very good quality

    posted by cizkin

    Very good quality, strong and big flame if you set the limiter to the max. The weight makes the product much confortable on the pocket and using.
    reminds me a star wars light saber lol. At first, the ignition its very hard, you almost cant roll it, but a tip, using a pant, rub the rolling thing along your leg a few times, then its good to use
    its a very good product and does the job very well
  • A neat little lighter.

    posted by SrJoben

    Unique style and function.
    Very compact, could easily go on a keychain.
    Compare with sku.3734 That one will probably hold fuel indefinitely, though because it unscrews into two parts it's harder to use.
    This is a neat lighter for a collection, or for those who want something small.

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