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The perfect jjc lens hood here to meet all your needs. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

jjc lens hood Customers Reviews

  • Oh, boy! New hoods, here I come!

    posted by Eeek5127

    Yeah, al fives. All fives, man! This is great. I have not seen a better copy of these hood anywhere. I looked and looked and looked and dx didn't have it. I considered ordering from an online auction place, but I didn't trust them. I was so happy when dx got these. I needed something for my EF-S 10-22mm and man this is great.
    This is plastic. so is the orignal. But I'll be damed if I am going to pay so much for it. This copy is absolutely perfect. DX, JJC is the way to go with these. I am stunned by the build of it. It even has the index marks, in case you couldn't figure it out.
    You won't see this hood anywhere else for this price. dx has outdid themselves. When you shoot, even at 10mm, you do not see the hood in the out ring of the shot. This is just what I needed. If you have qany of the lenses it goes to, get it right now. Thank you so much, dx!
  • Must have!

    posted by gutterball

    * Cheapest aftermarket hood I found.* Way cheaper than original Canon hood. * Good fit.* Works. It does help keep stray light off your lens.* Shipped in it's own cardboard box!!
    * Got this for my 18-55mm STM lens. I use these more for accidental bump/scratch prevention/protection than stray light prevention.
    * I use lens hoods on all my lenses. Cheap protection! This is the cheapest place to get them. Don't leave home without one!
  • Simply effective

    posted by Ronald667

    It doens't look any different from the original lens hood and does the job excellent! It fits the Canon EFS 17/85 4-5,6 IS USM brilliantly ans sticks to it. No worries about falling off. I bought it for my holiday to Greece and I made great pictures.
    At this price and quality, there's no reason not to buy it. Stick it in your foto bag, you'll find some use for it. Satisfaction guaranteed ;-)
  • Good value for money hood

    posted by RetroHetro

    Shape is what you want, and hood is reversible.Still able to remove lens cap with hood in place (and I have fairly large fingers.)Even has removable hatch for adjusting polarising filters.
    Might be compatible with other 52mm Pentax lenses also, perhaps with a bit of work. ;-)
    Get it if you have the exact lens, and get it if you are a tinkerer willing to take the risk.
  • Good and better than others yet cheap hood

    posted by JrBenito

    -Possible to use filter attached to it (the sku 3288 need to be screwed to filter)
    -Possible to hold the hood in reverse mount way (to store it with lens)
    -Hood mount is bayonet type (see other thoughts below)
    -Possible to use original lens cap without afraid it to fall (like sku 3288)
    -Very cheaper than Canon original with, probably, some advantage IMHO.
    I first bought the SKU 3288 because it has some reviews and this have no one until now. That hood is cheaper but this is better. That one is screwed at lens (this is a lens issue not hood guilt) but it has no internal screw to you attach a filter or even the lens cap. Therefore I gave this one a try and so nice, for only four dollars plus you get exact what you see at picture and my surprise: it is composed by two pices, one screw ring/bayonet adapter and the hood.
    The ring adapter is screwed to lens like any other hood for this 50mm f1.8 lens but hood attaches to the ring in a bayonet fashion way. This means you can put and remove it anytime. Even better, the screw ring has internal screw to attach filters (52mm) and lens cap as well. Now, instead of be afraid to loose lens cap I can attach the Canon original lens cap to the scree like if it was attached to the lens and more: you can reverse mount the hood to store it with lens. The weak point of reverse mount is that you can't access manual focus ring (this is not really a problem since auto-focus works very well and in manual you just pull out the hood.
    I took some dirty pictures (I was hurry to go sleep ;) but I tried to show you the package (the same as DX shows), the ring screw/bayonet adapter and hood, the ring mounted to lens with and without hood attached and filter attached. I hope DX approve all those pictures so you can understand why I strong recommend you to by this instead of SKU 3288.
    Good shoots for you ;)


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