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jet torch lighter

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jet torch lighter Customers Reviews


    posted by Alphete

    -Awsome termination and crafting-CHEAP!-Looks very cool-Very good build quality and materials (more than I expected!!)-Comes without gas (safety?)-Igniter is very discreet. Is the silvered button on the scull forehead
    Today I received this little one, I've been expecting it for a while.It's AWESOME!!!It's so nice I just took some pictures and will upload them in a few minutes.
    Very happy with this lighter.
  • awesome jet lighter!!

    posted by julianvdmeij

    i love the fact that it's so compact and usefull buy this and you'll have a nice cigarette lighter! I also like to light my fireworks with this lighter it lights the fuse within no time!
    i think this lighter is really good and the design is also good so there are not really other toughts
    perfect lighter i like the way it was build, and how you have to use it!
  • my outdoor hero

    posted by jhaluska

    I highly appreciate the sound construction of this lighter – especially when used outdoors, where it needs to absorb a lot of bumps. The adjustable nozzle will come handy sooner or later – with a powerful jet torch lighter like this, you have to like the fact that you can control the direction of the flame. Nozzle protection and the strap are just additional cherries on top.
    Although the high flame (output) is exciting and attractive to many, be aware it consumes a lot of fuel in this mode – either have a decent flame, or have a refill always handy.
    I do recommend this lighter – it is still used outdoors, without any major issues. And for such a low price, it is perfect.
  • Cool

    posted by DeWorD

    Huge flameBig place for gasHot and can easily burn wood and other thingsGood quality. It feels nice and you are able to move those flame things direction a little bit.
    Eyebrows missing. I don, t wanna write so many words because it, s useless so i shall write something useless
    Its a lighter. No idea what i should say about thia, but this isgood quality and works like it should.
  • Great product

    posted by Tyrkeren

    Its a great product. I love the pattern with the soldier, looks very awesome. It was cheep in my definition. And free shipping even better, I love this site, and the products. The lighter is easy to handle, runs on butane which is the ordinary gas to run on, that makes it easy to refill. There were was a sign on the lighter, saying were the flame would come out from, so safety first :)
    Thinking of buying more lighters. I like to collect them.
    The lighter is great and all, but the only problem was, that it was empty. Need to refill it.

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