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On this page, you can find a wide selection of jet flame lighter. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. jet lighter windproof or stylish jet lighter contains many hot and popular products. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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jet flame lighter Customers Reviews

  • Buy these bulk!

    posted by TXMatt

    This lighter is in my opinion the best value here. It has a lightweight yet sturdy build.This lighter is very similar to the Prince/Blazer PB207 lighter that sells for $50 USD. It is not a clone however, as the angled neck with pop up burner cover is a better design in my opinion. The PB207 has a plastic cap on a chain and a straight instead of angled design.
    I really prefer the angled neck style lighters for lighting my cigars.
    As my title says, buy these in bulk quantity would be my suggestion. You can keep them in your travel humidor, in your car, in your tackle box. Have spares on hand to give to a friend who admires your lighter, you don't need to tell them how inexpensive it was.. :-D
  • awesome jet lighter!!

    posted by julianvdmeij

    i love the fact that it's so compact and usefull buy this and you'll have a nice cigarette lighter! I also like to light my fireworks with this lighter it lights the fuse within no time!
    i think this lighter is really good and the design is also good so there are not really other toughts
    perfect lighter i like the way it was build, and how you have to use it!
  • Great ligther for cigars

    posted by sciter

    - Great double flame- Has a solid click and elevating cover when you press the button.- Becomes very hot- Great design- Very useful cigar-punch
    Great ligther to light a cigar and get an even burn. It even got delivered filled with gas.The only thing about this product is, is the fact that it is smaller than it looks like on the pictures, you decide wether it is a con or a pro.
    Great product for a good price. If you need a pocketligther for the occasional smoke, this is the thing to go for.
  • It lived a great life

    posted by Muhv

    A lot more durable than I first thought. The cap didn't break off in 6 months of active and heavy use, refilling works perfectly, it's comfortable and easy to handle, the jets burn well and on promised temperatures, the cooling system prevents you from burning yourself.
    It served me well for the money. Unfortunately now, since the heat damage to the jet lighting system has caused a large delay between the spark and the gas output, I'm going to have to replace it, but for this kind of super heavy duty preformance, I would have easily paid double, maybe even triple that price. My friends all have similar lighters, and this one stood above all others... even as the ignition system started to go. If you're torn between lighters, get this one. I'm a chemist so you can trust me when I say you need to read the labels on your buthane filler tanks. Jet torches want the lowest grade of impurities, otherwise you'll end up losing your jet burner to clogging and displacement really quickly.
    Cheap, durable and a really good companion. Well worth the money. If you could order one thing from here, this should be it.
  • Very good lighter

    posted by alex300402

    Works well also in very strong wind. I try it in wind with speed about 100 km/h and it lights with no problems. Lighter works every time when I need it.
    If you buy it, you will be satisfied with it. For this price it is absolutely perfect.
    Just get it. I will buy another ones for my friends. It is very nice and useful present for anyone.


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