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These cool jack volume control are high quality and at affordable prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. You can also browse telephone volume control and volume control plug. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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jack volume control Customers Reviews

  • Great quality earphones

    posted by bdkhatri

    lenovo OEM earphonesvolume adjustment metergood sound quality (from both mic and earphones)shirt/neck clip thing for stabilizing mic against wire tugginglong cable
    no foam on earphonesearphones, when hit together, make a nice clackety noiseif you want to use these for an mp3 player, make sure you set the volume wheel on the wire to maximum.the volume wheel is useful if you are using these for a computer
    This product is built very well and sold at a very good price. I use this with sku.22475 (USB SOUND), which makes these two products together very good usb earphones.
  • Impresive noise isolation earphone

    posted by greatavatar

    This is an impresive noise isolation earphone. The packagin is very good and the product exceed my expectations. The noise isolation is absolute, you won't hear anything from the outside world. Excelent sound quality. The volumen control is an excelent plus, give you the oportunity to raise and low the sound anytime you want.
    No other thoughts.
    This product exceed any expectation for this price you will get a good product with an excelent noise isolation. The volumen control is a plus because you can control what you hear anytime.
  • very good sound and overall quality

    posted by roosn92

    Really good soundquality for the price!!! the baselevel is perfect to the treble. The cables are made of fabric wich make it more durable. Also you get an extra cable so you can use the mike in the computer aswell. I havn't had the chance to test the mike yet but i really doubt there's a problem there. For this price I would recomend these earphones to everybody, even if they don't really have a use for the mike.
    because of the mike i'm not sure if one can use them in mp3-players and such or just cellphones and computers. But I'm really not sure!
    I give this a general 5 out of 5 star rating because of what you get for the price. In Sweden i guess this would cost between 35-50 dollars.
  • foot-tested

    posted by mamert

    -Tough. You can step on them.
    -Cable is thick, nothing should snap inside too quickly.
    -Volume control is neither too loose nor too stiff.
    -I have put them through the same ordeals as my Philips SHS5200 (which have served me every day for 7 years). This included twisting them 500 degrees (were *slightly* deformed, but fixed by twisting the other way) and stepping on them (with the heel). Every part survived unscathed.
    -The cord is about the same thickness as the Philips' WITH the nylon cord.
    -The phones are smaller. Not a problem, they just sit differently and have better treble than bass.
    -The jack is smooth and clean, not like on the 4th photo
    Very durable. They will last as long as the sponge on them.
    Price is just right.
  • Pink headphones with mic

    posted by luigidj

    It is very well made, the fabric is soft, the metal bracket is solid, the microphone is not movable, so it will not break or fall, it is adjustable to the head, the connectors are color coded and it have a volume control for the headphones
    This one was a gift for my friend's daughter. She wanted a pink headphones for her new laptop, and she was very happy with it.
    All and all, this was a good gift, it was cheap and the girl was happy with my gift :)

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