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jack to jack Customers Reviews

  • Bom e Barato!

    posted by Felipe562

    - Qualidade do conector é boa;- Não alterou a qualidade do som ( era o que eu mais temia);- Vem com um protetor para o conector;
    Conector perfeito para quem utiliza a tv na parede.Recomendo!
    Muito válido pela melhoria que trás e pelo preço! Comprei e não me arrependi!
  • Perfect

    posted by Criggie

    The problem that others DX users have mentioned with the SKU sticker and adhesive on the outside of the adapter has been fixed - each of mine arrived in a little plastic clipseal bag.
    For me they worked perfectly out of the box.
    Simple little adapter - best to get a couple because of the bulk rate, and they're handy to have.
    There's really not a lot more one can say about this item. Plug one side, plug the other side, it works, onto the next thing.
  • Bought for my Dell Laptop

    posted by Alantay

    Good for the price and works well both Audio and Video. Do not need extra power. The built quality is good for the price. Normally this gadget don't come with an audio cable but this one does and it is good
    I bought one locally and it cost me US$44. It did not come with an audio cable and sometimes it needed extra power to boost the signal. People if you are looking for one of these, this is the most value for money.
    Now a days laptops are mostly equipped with HDMI instead of VGA for slim form factor so this is a must have gadget for presentation with a projector or flat panel TV/monitor.
  • Stereo 1/4" - 3.5mm

    posted by ErikChirkoff

    These are great for studio work, monitor work, daily headphone use, church soundboard connections, or any kind of sound project you may be doing to send audio from a 3.5mm sending device to a 1/4" receiver
    These could also be used with Apple/tablet or phone devices to plug into a studio & use music programs on them. Very good use
    Great product for the buck. Won't be disappointed. They're SO cheap for the price being asked for! Much more worth buying these and waiting two weeks than going to the audio store & paying the same price for one.
  • Very Compact Unit - Can Use USB Port to Provide Power

    posted by shadowchb

    Small and compact. Comes with USB power cable to use USB port to provide power, and stereo audio cable to port audio. Each cable approximately 3 feet long.
    Compact, easy to use converter
    Small unit, small price.

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