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  • Good pickup for guitar and voice!

    posted by euronios

    Easy to use.
    Good pickup for acoustic guitar and voice. This pickup with microphone for voice is a very useful article for those who want to amplify the sound of an acoustic guitar. Very easy to install no need to change the instrument.Both the pickup and the microphone have good quality and are the ideal solution for anyone who wants a good solution amplification with low price. Although it has an excellent price-quality ratio.Suffice to install this accessory and connect it to an amplifier or a mixer to obtain an amplification with excellent quality, reduced feedback.
    Nothing to refer.
  • Good quality product for a low price

    posted by Warsword

    Excellent build quality and much much cheaper than buying a full professional recording desk.Compatable with both mac iOS and Windows PC.Works with most music editting software.
    Very suprised with how good this product was compared to the photos on the website, was expecting something cheaply built but when it arrived was happy to find an excellent build quality.
    Dispite the really long delivery time, was well worth the price
  • Bought for a friend

    posted by DeanSA

    They look very nice and they sound pretty good, I sold these to a friend of mine for a lekker profit (as we say in South Africa, my country). I tried to test the mic but i think i used my laptop mic instead of that somehow. Its good anyway.
    I got this for my friend. Ill give it to him tomorrow now that ive tested it for faults. Should be a great buy.
    You can get this headset, its about the best value you can get for 15 dollars
  • Excellent product and fast shipment

    posted by Tecnologias

    Excellent product and fast shipment.This device allows to connect monitors with VGA connector to video devices with HDMI. It is simple in use. It doesn't need any configuration.It doesn't need a power supply.Solid construction, light and compact
    Now I can play my PS3 on my monitor and connect my tablet to it as well without having to buy a TV just for that.
    Excellent product and just what I needed without having to spend mour money if you are in a budget and you have a monitor this is a great product
  • Easy to use, mediocre sound quality

    posted by Sh4d0w940

    It's easy to use and you can pair them with any device that supports bluetooth audio.The device has an standard usb connection so finding a power supply is never a problem.
    I recommend buying a different (probably more expensive) one so you don't lose as much sound quality.
    If you don't care about sound quality very much, buy it. Otherwise it's better to look for a better one.

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